Bacolod in a Day

April 13, 2018

We had one day to explore Bacolod, but it was exciting and full of adventures. We had museums in the mornings, beach in the afternoon and the Ruins at night. All in one day! I couldn't believe we were able to do that. But we did, oh and also we were able to do a bit of food trip. Galing namin, besh.

We arrived late in Bacolod, but was lucky enough to be able to ride the shuttle going to The Inns, our accommodation in Bacolod. We paid PhP150 each, so much better than getting a cab from the airport, trust me. The shuttle also drop us off in front of our hotel. 

The next morning, we started our long day after our complimentary breakfast. We booked a Grab to Silay for PhP300. We were following a strict schedule, and we were actually running late already. We were supposed to be following a strict budget as well. Huhu. 

First stop, Balay Negrense, one of the most-preserved ancestral houses in Silay. It's one of the places one shouldn't miss in Cinco de Noviembre. The place has of course the old vibe considering that it showcases the refined lifestyle during the Spanish colonial period of a sugar baron. We paid PhP60/pax for the entrance.

After we have seen the Balay Negrense, we've decided to pay San Diego Parish Church, the only domed church in Negros Occidental, a visit.
We went to another museum, the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum, or better known as the pink house! This heritage house was the first national historical landmark in city of Silay. We paid PhP60/pax for the entrance fee.

The city of Silay has very rich culture, and it was lucky for us to be able to visit two of its famous heritage houses. These places were able to provide us a glimpse of the past, well, for the wealthy people. 

After we had lunch in the El Ideal Bakery, we decided to proceed in Lakawon Island Beach Resort and Spa. I was a bit hesitant on this one because of its location, and because I wanted to be able to visit The Ruins. But beach it was!

The Lakawon Island Beach Resort and Spa is famous for its white sand and floating bar! From Silay City, we took the jeep going to Ceres Terminal where we took the bus going to Cadiz Viejo. We paid PhP100/pax for roughly 2-hr ride. In Cadiz Viejo, we took a tricycle going to the port and paid PhP60/pax. At the port, we paid PhP280/pax for the entrance and boat fee. We arrived late in Lakawon so we decided not to stay in the floating bar wherein we would have paid PhP250/pax and no complimentary drinks included. 
We only stayed an hour, and just took photos. I know, I probably would have enjoyed the place more if we were able to stay longer. But I had high expectations though..

We took the boat after an hour in the island, and took the bus back in Bacolod. We were back in Bacolod around 630pm, and was deciding on whether we'd still visit The Ruins. Ok, we did and probably one of the best decisions we had on our Bacolod trip. We took a tricycle going there for PhP100/pax from the North Terminal.

The Ruins is amazingly beautiful at night. The Ruins is a story of love and moving on. It was built by Don Mariano Lacson for his wife when she died. It was his way of coping up for the loss. 
I told you, the Ruins is very beautiful at night. It was a long day, and was glad that we were able to see quite a lot in Bacolod. I am pretty sure the province still has a lot to offer; and probably one day, we will be back to explore more of its charm. Pero nag-food trip pa kami after nito! Let's talk about that on the next blog, ok?

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