Buhay-Bukid in Costales Nature Farms

January 29, 2018

A farm is hardly in my list. But when we were in a travel fair last year, we stumbled on Costales Nature Farms. For PhP1500 (the travel fair rate), we'll have bed and breakfast already for the two of us. So, okay game. 

Costales Nature Farms is located in Majayjay, Laguna. They specialize in organic farming, and provide "buhay-bukid" experience. Not my cup of tea, definitely not my cup of tea. But we spent our first weekend of 2018 in this farm. No kidding! We left Makati early because we knew it would take at least 3-4 hours to get there. We took the bus going to SM Calamba for an hour and paid PhP79. From there, we took the van going to Costales for two hours and paid PhP120. The driver dropped us off in Costales. 
When we get to the place, we went straight to the reception to check in. We opted to take the farm tour the following day. The staff accompanied us to our accommodation, she mentioned about the unlimited salad which I fully ignored by the way. Because salad, really? But we told her that we'll avail of that on our dinner. 

The accommodation has two single beds. They provide toiletries, no aircon. The bathroom is big though. Farm life it is.

We rested for awhile and decided to roam around the farm. I wanted to practice on the camera and the vintage lens I got, hehe! 

Dinner came, the feeling about the unli salad changed big time. We were able to finish five freaking plates of it. Huhuhu, sarap besh. The food was generally good and cheapo. During our entire stay, we only paid around PhP600 for two sumptuous meals for the two of us.
The following day, we got the unli salad again free of charge during our lunch. Hmm, we just asked if we could actually order it again, and they told us that we could. They initially said that we need to pay per plate this time, and then they later on told us that we can have the unli salad again. So happy kids. 

But farm tour came before lunch, guys. :P The staff toured us in the farm, and we found out a lot of stuff about organic farming. They encourage zero waste management. They also have organic chickens and pigs. Yups, they eat only organic feeds. Mas healthy pa sila sa akin. :P

For pasalubong, we bought the salad dressing, and I took home the Swiss Mint and Tarragon plants which are close to dying right now. Hoping that my father could salvage them. :P

The trip to Costales Nature Farms has been surprisingly enjoyable. I think it's the salad. :P Oh, and they have the nicest staff. I really want to go back and have the "buhay-bukid" experience once again. 

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