October 23, 2017

I (we) have been doing a lot of adulting, and this has been driving me crazy. I just finished reviewing several policies from different insurance companies, and have finally been able to select one for my brother. Yup, I got him an insurance policy. I also reviewed my policies, and still up to getting another one to cover a rider that I'm missing; I still have few months before my birthday. 

I also been busy fixing my investments; I'm into for-the-lazy-people type of investments. I finally been able to setup my auto invest for my Sun Life mutual fund. I have not been able to touch it since I opened it, ugh. 

Almost five months into the relationship, and we have been preparing (kinda) for our future. We've gotten ourselves another long-term investment. I'm pretty hoping for the best on these. He said that I'm the impulsive buyer, and he's the logical one. K, love.

Oh, but I got great news. I'm moving to the new condo early next year.. Well, that is if I don't change my mind about it. I've been wanting a place of my own. But we're (more like me) looking into diverting our funds on these to other investment. Pretty crazy adulting stuff, yeah. 

Gtg, I need to create a Pinterest board for design inspirations.  

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Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)