August 18, 2017

August is busy as usual. It's been a year since we moved in to our not-so-new home. It's twice busy right now because of my current workload and his birthday month. The weekend before his birthday, I had my free medical check up in Edsa Shangrila courtesy of my insurance company. This also came with a free breakfast buffet in Heat! Yay. 

I went to Gateway after the medical check up to get him the chocoliquor cake which is a personal favorite. But I misread their bazaar schedule, and they were not in Gateway last Saturday. I went to Robinson's Magnolia instead to get the cake. Effort besh. I went gift hunting after the cake hullabaloo. 

Last Sunday, we attended his nephew's birthday. They were supposed to pick me up at home, but I went to their house instead to surprise him. I brought the cake, and he did look surprised to see me. Achievement unlocked! We had face paints from the party, but we went shoe shopping after. People were looking at us, but he wanted to keep the face paint at least for that day. We went to Maisen for the buy 1 take 1 late katsu dinner, and sorta birthday salubong. Yay, I was happy because I didn't think we'd be together on his birthday salubong, but we were. We went to Vikings Niu after work on his birthday, that was my first time in Niu. We were there for four hours! I had steak, tempura, wine and cheese! I absolutely love it there. For the first time of celebrating his birthday together, I'd say it wasn't so bad. 

We still have so much lined up for August. We have a wedding to attend to, a Spiral lunch with my friends, and our Bacolod-Iloilo trip. So much is happening, and I'm still kinda urging him to avail the Onsen Spa birthday promo. I still have time to make him say yes. :P

We've had a rough start, but he has so much patience on me and my petty issues. He supports me on the things I want to do, and he has always been dependable. He doesn't care if I get fat, or moody. So, happiest birthday, my love. He said he enjoyed his birthday with me, yay!

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