First at Ball Pit Manila

July 15, 2017

Ball Pit Manila, yay! It's one of the adult playgrounds that I've been dying to go to. Then, we scored a great deal online, we got it for only PhP199 instead of PhP299. Thanks Metrodeal! 

When they say that they've got thousand balls to play with, they're not joking. White balls. So better wear something colorful so you'd stand out in your photos! We were supposed to book ahead of time, but they said that we can actually just walk in. We did, it was Monday, and the probability of having a lot of people at the same time was low. Truth be told, the place is small for a bunch of strangers. It's probably a different story for a bunch of good friends wanting to have fun.

We came at 8pm, and there was a couple there already. The good thing, they were there at 7pm so they were almost finished on their time when we came in. Yup, we had the ball pit all by ourselves. It was totally fun. 

We brought fresh and clean pair of socks, because it's required before entering the ball pit. They also sell pair of socks, so you can purchase yours there. 
Ball Pit Manila
sea of balls
find him :P
They also have several onesies that are being rented out. We had the unicorn one. Why, can you blame me? :P
I'm a unicorn!
It was an hour of non-stop fun playing in the sea of balls. Because why not? 
my favorite photo of us in Ball Pit Manila
If you've been eyeing to go here, go and play in the sea balls. I had so much fun! Promise! It was a great time for us!

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