Boracay Birthday

June 26, 2017

I celebrated my birthday in Boracay. Hmm, that was my second time to celebrate my birthday in Boracay, but my nth time in that wonderful place. I consider it my happy place. That was also the first time to celebrate my birthday with him, I shared my happy place with him this time.

We were supposed to visit Antique as well, but I got the room at Willy's Hotel at a very good price that I couldn't let it go. We planned to at least do a day trip in Antique so we booked a room at Aranas-Carillo Travellers Inn in Kalibo, but the flight got delayed, and we overslept a bit. We just ate the crispiest liempo in Kalibo at Ramboy's to make up for this. Very tasty and really crispy liempo, try this place when you visit Kalibo, alrighty? 
We left Kalibo a little over lunch, and took more than an hour on the van + boat ride to Boracay. We immediately checked in at Willy's. We rested a bit, and started to explore the island. Plus photos, I brought the camera with us so I could do a bit of practice. Puro practice, besh. :P

Per our agreement, I will arrange this trip, and he'll research on places where we could eat. Easy peasy, mister. Since that was my birthday, we had dinner at Bar Lo in Two Seasons, he got me the best four-cheese pizza ever! We super love it. We even came back on our last day for the four-cheese pizza. :P
Since he splurged a bit on our first night, we ate at Smoke Resto for our lunch on the second day. This is located in D'Mall, we tried the sizzling bulalo. We ordered bulalo and beef salpicao. I personally like beef salpicao, it's tasty. Smoke Resto is a cheapo but good place to get your food in Boracay. For the dessert, I brought him in Zucchero Cafe, an unassuming cafe at Station 2. This was a discovery from the Boracay trip in February this year. I love the cakes here, we got the brazo de mercedes and sansrival. We had an isaw night for dinner. We went to find Merly's BBQ and got our cravings satisfied. 
Since our hotel accommodation came with a buffet breakfast, we usually took late lunch. We were eyeing the Cha Cha's Beach Cafe, but it looked a bit expensive. We checked the menu during one of our walks and found the menu appealing at competitive price. We had our late lunch here on our third day. We got the formaggi and the winner winner chicken. This cafe has glowing reviews and we couldn't help but agree that they have really good stuff going on them. But I still vote for Bar Lo's four-cheese pizza as the best pizza ever. :P
For our late dinner, we tried the Boracay Toilet, because this is near Willy's, and been wanting to try this place. We only got the tortang talong because we were craving for it, but been utterly disappointed. For someone who always finishes his food, he left more than half of it untouched. It was that bad. To make up for the disappointment, we walked to D' Mall and had the mango madness at Lemoni Cafe. This lifted our spirit a bit. 
On our last lunch at the island, we went back at Bar Lo. Because four-cheese pizza. I told you, we love it. :P Food trip galore on Boracay, we had Jonah's Fruitshake every now and then, because banana choco peanut fruitshake is love. We went to Real Coffee to get calamansi muffin for pasalubong

We stayed at Boracay for at least three nights and four days. Mostly spent beach bumming and exploring the island. Oh, and food trip. I love Boracay at this time of the year, no lumot but crazy waves and a bit of rain every now and then. We got tired playing with the waves. But enjoyed the crazy waves, at least I did. :P

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