April 05, 2017

My food buddy, who is also my movie buddy, is now my Timezone buddy. Yay. I was not into Timezone in any time of my life before. I went to Timezone once with Apple and that was it. It was not something that I'd thought would enjoy. But wait, after the Archery Attack, we had a quick lunch, and decided to drop by Timezone in Bonifacio Global City. Ha ha! I was a total noob that day. But we went and he taught me how to play the car racing game. We had a few go, and moved on to the other games. But yup, we played basketball too. He said that he needed to practice his shooting. We played few more games, and also Snapshot. Yay. He got me Hello Kitty as a token on our Timezone day. 
Last Friday, we went back to Timezone but in Makati after office, and spent hours playing until the mall closed. We had a go with the car racing again, and basketball plus lotsa Mario Kart. We were very competitive that night. I lose a lot to him, but I won the games that matter, the first and the last! Yay. We took another Snapshot (which was not sent in my mail, whyyy) and decided to call it a night.
Pretty much enjoyed playing in Timezone, and looking forward to trying more of their games. Fun!

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Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)