My Almost Christmas Trip in Sydney

April 13, 2017

I was in Sydney again for three weeks last year. We left on the last week of November, and was back almost a week before Christmas! It wasn't the best time to be in Sydney because of the weather, but hey, I was back to my favorite place! 

Sydney is still my favorite place. When my boss told me that I'd be going back for work, I got excited. Yup, I got excited about work, ha ha! Kidding aside, I was a bit scared to go there because of the work waiting for me, but lo and behold, we completed the work successfully, and had time to enjoy the stay as well. Yay.

Visiting the Sydney Opera House is always the first thing I do in Sydney. Yup, that was what we did. I love the Opera House, I am always filled with wonder when I am in that place. 

During the first weekend, we decided to do the Bondi to Coogee walk. It is a 6km trail with really picturesque view. This was the first time I did this, and I did not regret it. The stunning views were enough to compensate on the long walk. 

During the time we were in Sydney, we met up with a lot of our old teammates. We eat out with the current team, and basically explored different foodie places. It was such a fun treat for me. 
With Xun, our former developer at Hurricane's Grill, they have the best ribs!
One of the foodie explorations of the team, Bar Luca, they have best burger!
With Dinh at Munich Brauhaus, the Munich Brewers Platter is certainly good!
the team with Lisli at Chef's Gallery
team's year-end dinner at Bowery Lane
We were also able to join the year-end party, Sydney edition. Yay. I saw an old crush, but was too torpe to say hi. :P

Aside from the shopping trips with my Auntie, we also went to visit The Grounds of Alexandria, almost every single thing is looking pretty at this place. Unfortunately, we were unable to try the coffee.

I was also able to do a lunch cruise with my auntie, a first for me and her treat. Ha ha! We were a bit early for the lunch cruise so we went first to the Sydney Opera House for some photos. 

When it was almost time for the lunch cruise, we went back to the ferry terminal and lined up. There were quite a number of people already, we didn't avail of the buffet which was a good thing because we were served on our table instead. The view from our seat was magnificent too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch cruise, it's actually on my bucket list to do an actual cruise for days. But maybe someday, I guess? 

It was almost Christmas during the Sydney trip, and there was a big Christmas tree by the office building. There were carollers every afternoon. 
Speaking of Christmas, I was able to score two Pandora charms, the Cinderella charm (a gift to myself) and the fish charm (a gift for me) plus a bangle. Yay, happy.

It wasn't the best time to visit Sydney because of the heat, but it was a wonderful time to meet everyone back then again. We were back in Manila on the 17th of December, in time for my brother's birthday the following day.

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