Masungi Georeserve

April 04, 2017

Finally, I found people willing to go to Masungi Georeserve. Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area in Rizal. This place is always booked. But I couldn't blame them, a wonderful adventure awaits everyone! 

Juni, Apple's college friend took charge on booking a visit for us. He booked the visit in their website. There should be seven people in the group per visit, we were twelve, so no problem. So, Apple, Juni, Den, Jov, EA and their Pointwest friends. :P It's usually fully booked on a weekend, so we went on a Thursday. Ikr, I took a leave! The fee is PhP1500 on weekdays, and PhP1800 on weekends! 

On the day of our Masungi adventure, Apple decided to backed out. Oh, that was around 6am. So there, she left me with her friends! Den cooked brunch for us, her treat! We were scheduled at 11am, so we ate on our way to Masungi. 

At little bit past 1am, we started on the discovery trail. I brought chocolates as my trail food. :P You are allowed to bring peanuts, trail mixes, chocolates and biscuits. The guide brought us to our first stop, the Lambat. It's an easy peasy one. 
easy peasy lambat
Oops, choose your adventure.
So that was fairly easy, and then we moved on to the most instagrammable spot, the Sapot. It's like a spider web. We actually thought that this one is a really stable spot, it's not. It's made up of thick steel cable wires. 
the instagrammable sapot
me in sapot
We reached the tree house and had a short break. Patak is a tree house that sits in a middle of a hanging bridge. 
Patak with the Masungi crew
Right after Patak is Ditse. It's quite easy to climb it, but going down is a different story. Walang harness, guys!!
The guide actually told us that this is a test of courage. I playfully told him that I have fear of heights. He said, "Oo nga, kanina ko pa napansin na nanginginig ka." K.
Kaya, bes!
But anyway, this led us to Duyan. Another instagrammable spot, and also another resting spot. Yay, because I was dead tired at this point.
Hold on, smile!
the Masungi crew at Duyan
After we rested, we continued the trail and reached Yungib ni Ruben. So this is a cave discovered by one of the park rangers. Ang cool noh? I want a place named after me, too!
Yungib ni Ruben
Then came Tatay, the highest peak in Masungi Georeserve. Of course, such wondrous views!
the view from Tatay
There came Nanay, the second highest peak. Both were not that hard to reach, but this point you'd be probably be too tired. But hey, look at the view. 
at Nanay
Are we done yet? Nope, we've got the new trail covered too, the Bayawak! This one's the longest rope course, but not as hard a the one in Ditse, remember Ditse? :P
almost there
There's a resting spot down the Bayawak one. So we did, but headed towards Liwasan for the complimentary snacks. 

I enjoyed the adventure in Masungi Georeserve. I was scared prior to this, just by looking at the photos online, but hey, I did it. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, bring gloves as you feel like it, that could be useful in the rope courses, bring water, and you can refill it along the way. And tipping the park rangers is not allowed. 

Come in Masungi Georeserve, and enjoy the adventures they prepare for you. But make sure not to disturb the balance in there. Avoid making noises, and keep your trash. Bring home whatever you're bringing with you in Masungi. It's high time we protect the environment!

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