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Birthday is coming up, yay to growing old. Ha ha! Birthday at the beach again this year. I busied myself on this trip; booked the plane tickets and pencil booked the accommodation. #happythoughts


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"With heavy heart, she knows they took the wrong path. She deserves the hate from the flowers that adore him; she keeps mum on the noise around him. She deserves it. But is it worth it? She wonders aloud. But hearing the sound of his laughter and finding the comfort on his words; he feels like home."


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Boracay Foodie Spots

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I was in Boracay last February, until the V-day. :P It was for my friend's birthday celebration. I went with both Carla and Cora on February of last year as well, but unable to blog about it. Going to Boracay with these two was nothing but fun and chill vacay. We've been pretty good on beach bumming. 
beach bumming
We stayed at Willy's Beach Hotel this time. For last year, we were at Sur Beach Resort, but we wanted to save on the accommodation a bit. For me, Willy's is always a good choice, location and service wise. 

We had a bit food trip in between our beach bumming moments. We went on Tom N Tom's Coffee at Station 1 on our first night, a fairly new coffee shop in Boracay. This is perfect spot for coffee and chat with friends. Another new foodie spot that we went to would be the Sunny Side Cafe at Station 3, sarap ng nutella and mango wonut, bes!
Tom N Tom's Coffee
mango and nutella wonut
Sunny Side Cafe
On the next days, we went to the usual foodie spots, Jonah's Fruitshake, Pat's Creek Bar and Real Coffee. We were also able to visit the SpiderHouse to witness the sunset on this side of the island. Food is a wee bit expensive, but you'd visit for the sunset, right? :P
Another great discovery would be the Zucchero Cafe at Station 2. Sarap ng brazo de mercedes nila, promise!
Zucchero Cafe
Generally, the Boracay trip was fun, and busog lusog


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My Almost Christmas Trip in Sydney

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I was in Sydney again for three weeks last year. We left on the last week of November, and was back almost a week before Christmas! It wasn't the best time to be in Sydney because of the weather, but hey, I was back to my favorite place! 

Sydney is still my favorite place. When my boss told me that I'd be going back for work, I got excited. Yup, I got excited about work, ha ha! Kidding aside, I was a bit scared to go there because of the work waiting for me, but lo and behold, we completed the work successfully, and had time to enjoy the stay as well. Yay.

Visiting the Sydney Opera House is always the first thing I do in Sydney. Yup, that was what we did. I love the Opera House, I am always filled with wonder when I am in that place. 

During the first weekend, we decided to do the Bondi to Coogee walk. It is a 6km trail with really picturesque view. This was the first time I did this, and I did not regret it. The stunning views were enough to compensate on the long walk. 

During the time we were in Sydney, we met up with a lot of our old teammates. We eat out with the current team, and basically explored different foodie places. It was such a fun treat for me. 
With Xun, our former developer at Hurricane's Grill, they have the best ribs!
One of the foodie explorations of the team, Bar Luca, they have best burger!
With Dinh at Munich Brauhaus, the Munich Brewers Platter is certainly good!
the team with Lisli at Chef's Gallery
team's year-end dinner at Bowery Lane
We were also able to join the year-end party, Sydney edition. Yay. I saw an old crush, but was too torpe to say hi. :P

Aside from the shopping trips with my Auntie, we also went to visit The Grounds of Alexandria, almost every single thing is looking pretty at this place. Unfortunately, we were unable to try the coffee.

I was also able to do a lunch cruise with my auntie, a first for me and her treat. Ha ha! We were a bit early for the lunch cruise so we went first to the Sydney Opera House for some photos. 

When it was almost time for the lunch cruise, we went back to the ferry terminal and lined up. There were quite a number of people already, we didn't avail of the buffet which was a good thing because we were served on our table instead. The view from our seat was magnificent too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch cruise, it's actually on my bucket list to do an actual cruise for days. But maybe someday, I guess? 

It was almost Christmas during the Sydney trip, and there was a big Christmas tree by the office building. There were carollers every afternoon. 
Speaking of Christmas, I was able to score two Pandora charms, the Cinderella charm (a gift to myself) and the fish charm (a gift for me) plus a bangle. Yay, happy.

It wasn't the best time to visit Sydney because of the heat, but it was a wonderful time to meet everyone back then again. We were back in Manila on the 17th of December, in time for my brother's birthday the following day.


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My food buddy, who is also my movie buddy, is now my Timezone buddy. Yay. I was not into Timezone in any time of my life before. I went to Timezone once with Apple and that was it. It was not something that I'd thought would enjoy. But wait, after the Archery Attack, we had a quick lunch, and decided to drop by Timezone in Bonifacio Global City. Ha ha! I was a total noob that day. But we went and he taught me how to play the car racing game. We had a few go, and moved on to the other games. But yup, we played basketball too. He said that he needed to practice his shooting. We played few more games, and also Snapshot. Yay. He got me Hello Kitty as a token on our Timezone day. 
Last Friday, we went back to Timezone but in Makati after office, and spent hours playing until the mall closed. We had a go with the car racing again, and basketball plus lotsa Mario Kart. We were very competitive that night. I lose a lot to him, but I won the games that matter, the first and the last! Yay. We took another Snapshot (which was not sent in my mail, whyyy) and decided to call it a night.
Pretty much enjoyed playing in Timezone, and looking forward to trying more of their games. Fun!


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Masungi Georeserve

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Finally, I found people willing to go to Masungi Georeserve. Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area in Rizal. This place is always booked. But I couldn't blame them, a wonderful adventure awaits everyone! 

Juni, Apple's college friend took charge on booking a visit for us. He booked the visit in their website. There should be seven people in the group per visit, we were twelve, so no problem. So, Apple, Juni, Den, Jov, EA and their Pointwest friends. :P It's usually fully booked on a weekend, so we went on a Thursday. Ikr, I took a leave! The fee is PhP1500 on weekdays, and PhP1800 on weekends! 

On the day of our Masungi adventure, Apple decided to backed out. Oh, that was around 6am. So there, she left me with her friends! Den cooked brunch for us, her treat! We were scheduled at 11am, so we ate on our way to Masungi. 

At little bit past 1am, we started on the discovery trail. I brought chocolates as my trail food. :P You are allowed to bring peanuts, trail mixes, chocolates and biscuits. The guide brought us to our first stop, the Lambat. It's an easy peasy one. 
easy peasy lambat
Oops, choose your adventure.
So that was fairly easy, and then we moved on to the most instagrammable spot, the Sapot. It's like a spider web. We actually thought that this one is a really stable spot, it's not. It's made up of thick steel cable wires. 
the instagrammable sapot
me in sapot
We reached the tree house and had a short break. Patak is a tree house that sits in a middle of a hanging bridge. 
Patak with the Masungi crew
Right after Patak is Ditse. It's quite easy to climb it, but going down is a different story. Walang harness, guys!!
The guide actually told us that this is a test of courage. I playfully told him that I have fear of heights. He said, "Oo nga, kanina ko pa napansin na nanginginig ka." K.
Kaya, bes!
But anyway, this led us to Duyan. Another instagrammable spot, and also another resting spot. Yay, because I was dead tired at this point.
Hold on, smile!
the Masungi crew at Duyan
After we rested, we continued the trail and reached Yungib ni Ruben. So this is a cave discovered by one of the park rangers. Ang cool noh? I want a place named after me, too!
Yungib ni Ruben
Then came Tatay, the highest peak in Masungi Georeserve. Of course, such wondrous views!
the view from Tatay
There came Nanay, the second highest peak. Both were not that hard to reach, but this point you'd be probably be too tired. But hey, look at the view. 
at Nanay
Are we done yet? Nope, we've got the new trail covered too, the Bayawak! This one's the longest rope course, but not as hard a the one in Ditse, remember Ditse? :P
almost there
There's a resting spot down the Bayawak one. So we did, but headed towards Liwasan for the complimentary snacks. 

I enjoyed the adventure in Masungi Georeserve. I was scared prior to this, just by looking at the photos online, but hey, I did it. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, bring gloves as you feel like it, that could be useful in the rope courses, bring water, and you can refill it along the way. And tipping the park rangers is not allowed. 

Come in Masungi Georeserve, and enjoy the adventures they prepare for you. But make sure not to disturb the balance in there. Avoid making noises, and keep your trash. Bring home whatever you're bringing with you in Masungi. It's high time we protect the environment!


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Heyyyy, I signed on another long-term investment today. Yayy, I'm really happy on this one. I need to save every single peso, and he told me that he'll police my spendings. No more travels (except birthday trips), no more shoppings and whatnots. Eh kaya ko ba ito? :P

I was browsing one day, and got interested in the posting. I asked my agent about it, and decided to visit the sites. He accompanied me to meet the agent, because I generally get swayed easily. Last Saturday, we went to visit two sites, and got confused because I actually like both. We thought about it over the weekend, and spent last night figuring out if it could still fit my budget. And so today, I went back and committed to this new investment. I couldn't wait to share it to all of you next year. Next year pa turnover, bes! 

But yes, sagad na! But like what he told me, isipin mo na lang may bagong property ka na. Push!


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