Archery Attack

March 26, 2017

I had a fun Saturday, he brought me to the Archery Attack game with his friends. I was not dressed properly, and I actually thought this was going to be an indoor game. But lo and behold, Archery Attack was setup beside the Trapeze Manila in Bonifacio Global Center. We played under the blazing sun. Nope, I easily forgot the sunblock. I thought it was going to be indoor. Whaaatt.
Archery Attack
We were set to play at 10am, and we were given instructions 15 minutes before the actual game. We were more than 14 in the group, with friends of friends joining in. We paid PhP400/pax. I was hesitant in the beginning and actually thought that I would not enjoy this. But no, it was so much fun! I had a go with archery last year at Gandiva Archery Range. But the Archery Attack was triple the fun.

Archery Attack is a mix of archery and paintball. It's really just like the typical archery, except that you have moving targets that can attack and shoot back at you. Ha ha! We were divided in two groups. Few minutes into the game, I was already into it. In the first few rounds of the game, we were separated by a safe zone. We stayed in our area and targeted the opposing team, a direct hit of the arrow will eliminate a player from the game. An eliminated player can return in the game when a teammate catches an arrow from the opposing team. The first team to eliminate all the players in the opposing team, wins. We won few rounds of the game. 

In the next few rounds, the rule of the game changed. A direct hit will still eliminate the player, and he can still be called back into the game when his teammate catches an arrow. But no more safe zones, we could actually go around the area to shoot our targets. This was riot, and lotsa fun. 

We were all tired after playing for almost an hour with water breaks in between, but when they asked us if we still wanted to play against the group after us, I volunteered. Yup, I enjoyed it that much. These videos were from the extra rounds of game we had.

Group Rates:
6-13 players = PhP450/player
14-24 players = PhP400/player

Federacion Drive, BGC, Taguig
Beside Trapeze Manila and behind Maybank Performing Arts Theatre

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