The Not-So-Secret Trip in Hong Kong Disneyland

February 16, 2017

I had a secret trip back in April last year. Auhm, yes, that long ago. :P It was a secret trip because I refrained from posting any photo in social media, and did not inform my teammates where I'd be going. So there, and I went to Hong Kong again. To be fair, my friend relocated in Hong Kong, so that saved me quite a lot of money. I went there to visit my friend, and be back at the happiest place on Earth. Well, because I wanted to be happy. :P

I'd probably never get tired going back to Disneyland. The kid in me will always make it a point to put this in my itinerary, in this case, my no-itinerary trip. 

I've been lucky to meet Baymax, from Big Hero 6, and had a photo with him. I'm really satisfied with my care. :P The movie was from November 2014, and I went to Hong Kong in June 2014. Baymax was introduced in Hong Kong Disneyland on June 2015.
We decided to watch Festival of the Lion King, but not after inhaling the fun-filled vibe of Disneyland. Kids all over the place, and kids at heart spending time together in this vibrant place.

In the Festival of Lion King, you will find a musical with the re-telling the story of Simba with exhilarating fire dancing and aerial performances to boot. 

We caught the afternoon parade after the show, and things got even more fun. Look at that crowd!

After the parade, we went to It's a Small World, and rode the boat past the singing children from all over the world. It was a joy and interesting to watch.
Finally, caught a photo op with the favorite couple in town. We lined up for more than an hour. Gosh. 
We were also able to catch Mickey and the Wondrous Book, this is a very fun and magical show. Don't dare miss this when you visit Disneyland, alrighty?

And oh, stay until the end credits, joke, I meant the fireworks. We went to find the best spot to catch the parade, and then watch the fireworks in the end. That is really a wonderful sight to behold!

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