San Rafael River Adventure: Glamping Weekend

January 22, 2017

I'd never thought I'd actually ask my friends to visit a resort in my province, Bulacan. But I did, and we went to San Rafael River Adventure. They had been very adamant that we proceed with the agreed date of this trip because it might jinx our trips for the rest of the year. Pamahiin. Boom. Ha ha! 
San Rafael River Adventure
With the attention that the resort has been getting lately, and the amazing photos we've seen online, plus glamping, we've decided to make this our first trip for 2017. Because glamping, and why not? We've never tried glamping before. We chose glamping with a twist for PhP4000/2 pax and PhP1000 for additional person, this includes breakfast, 1 hour use of kayak, and 1 hour use of the paddle board plus access to their infinity pool. They have the regular glamping for PhP3500/2 pax, but we opted to do the glamping with a twist. It's camping on top of the bamboo raft above the river. The glamping with a twist seems more exciting, right? We wanted to experience that. 
the glamping with a twist

Juni, Den and Dwin's glamping tent

inside our glamping tent
Juni and Jovy arranged our trips, and paid the 50% deposit. We would have gone on their overnight glamping with a twist from 7pm-6pm the next day, but they were fully booked on Sunday. They offered to let us stay from 7am-6am the following day. So there. They sent us the menu, and we pre-ordered our meals for the duration of our stay. 

On January 14, my friend Dwin picked me up at 6am, and met with our friends in Cubao and UP Technohub; we arrived at the resort at around 930am. With high expectations, we weren't actually disappointed. The place is indeed instagram-worthy. They have the comfiest seats, but let's talk about that later. Ha ha! The place is huge, I fell asleep in one of the hammocks before our lunch. #likeaboss They have the most beautiful accommodation, the glass house and the tree house both look amazing from the outside too. The viewing deck is pretty, with the comfiest seats. You can find comfy seats almost anywhere in the resort. Ang saya, promise. They only have one infinity pool, that's probably the only downside in this place. But it didn't feel crowded at all, there were visiting families on the same dates that we were there.
the viewing deck

back to adventures with this one

the glass house

the tree house

infinity pool

another view of the infinity pool

You have the option to take your meals anywhere your liking, except on the viewing deck. The food is good, and not too pricey.

I had an afternoon nap on one of their comfy seats, and they decided to try kayak but it was too hot.
my favorite seat
They went back, and wanted to try ATV (PhP400/30 minutes). I begged off on the ATV, as well as my friend Apple. So, we went to the infinity pool, which was ours on that time. It was so much fun!
the ATV prep
another shot of the infinity pool

all by myself

We stayed in the infinity pool until before having our dinner. Yup, sulit. We had bonfire beside our tent before we go to sleep, and they sold us marshmallows. Ultimate bonfire experience capped off the day.
with the glamping crew

1 of 12

They allowed us to stay until 7am the next day. I had a minor accident when my foot slipped off the bamboo raft. Sakit, bes! I had bruises, the manager was out when we left the resort, but she called my friend when we got home and profusely apologized. She told us that they will replace the bamboo, and will put in more safety measures. She promised us discounts the next time.

Even with the minor accident, I had a wonderful experience. We still plan to go back in the resort. It's a beautiful and quiet place, with superb service. 

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