Home Sweet Home

August 29, 2016 Tsina 0 Comments

Yup, we moved to the new house two weeks ago. The housewarming was a week ago. My office friends from the current company came, so as my friends in the previous company. Plus the friends from my masters and the Peys friends also came last Saturday. My relatives also visited. My mother cooked on that day. 

I bought it in 2013, but only finished the downpayment early this year. It took me that long, auhm, what with my all my travels and stuff. I thought, I had money for it. But finally, noh? The house is pretty small, and we had to hire people to construct the bed frames, cabinets, closets, shelves and whatnots. So, that took another month to finish. I'm glad Mandaue Foam's always on sale, so most of the items were bought there. The center table and the TV rack were bought in Home Plus. I bought a painting in a bazaar in Glorietta. I had to take it home, I don't have a car for crying out loud. I also bought the floor lamp in the same bazaar. My friend was kind enough to bring it home. My cousin should be the one to do the interior design, but she left for Dubai. I had to ask her all the time if the stuff fits together. Hihi. I've got a set of plates and utensils as early housewarming gifts, my friends gave me baking stuff last week too. Oh, thank God for family and friends. 

It has been a struggle. Believe me. There were a number of times in the past when I regretted this decision, but glad that it did not stop me from achieving this goal. I always pray to God to give me the strength I need. God provides, trust me. There were a number of times I felt like giving up, but His help came at the right time. 
But yup, we moved to our new home. My heart is happy. I've learned my lessons, the next time I (we) buy a house, it's a must to be financially and emotionally ready. :P


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August 28, 2016 Tsina 0 Comments

Auhm, I've been pretty busy in the past months. I have not been able to update my blog as much. But I'll work on my backlogs, I promise. 

I am doing yoga, but on a break for almost a month already. I finished the 40-day yoga in Urban Ashram, but no, I only did around half of it. My core is meh, I really needed time to recover after each of the yoga sessions. I was supposed to get the annual corporate package, they have tie up with my company but found out about the HSBC promo in Bikram Yoga, I got the 3-month unlimited package for half the price. I KNOW RIGHT. I would have wanted to get the annual package, but I am planning to get it by the end of the year, if my plan won't work out. But that's another story.

Bikram Yoga is renting out yoga mat for PhP50, if you don't have your own. But it's hot yoga, come on. I decided to buy one few months ago. It's a local brand, but it does the job. I found Made for Movement online, and bought the purple Queen Ultimat for PhP2250 plus the sling for PhP300. You can shoot them a message in this number: 09178998318. The online accounts seem not active, better message them, alright?
my Queen Ultimat
I thought I could live with the sling alone for my yoga mat. But decided that I needed a yoga bag. I found this very nice yoga bag for PhP600 in Instagram, yakangyakabarter. It is very nice, and has a little pocket to put the sling. :P They also customize. 
Not my photo, but mine's the second one from the left
Bikram Yoga is renting out yoga towel for PhP40. I am planning to get yoga mat spray for my mat. My Fitbit will be counting the calories that I will burn on each of the sessions. I seem to be ready to go back on my mat, noh? I have to drink lotsa water everyday. It's a must, especially for hot yoga.

I am hoping to be very committed on my yoga practice. For a change, I want to be good at something, #whogoat. 


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August 19, 2016 Tsina 0 Comments

To my future love, I wander. I got lost. I settled to that guy who loved the idea of me. I  made mistakes. I got hurt when that guy left as he walked in the rain on my side. He (they) cannot keep up with my storm. 

I wander. And I apologize for getting lost. But my love, do we really apologize for entrusting our heart to someone?

To my future love, I wander. In wandering, we sometimes get ourselves broken. Please be patient with me. I trust you, I trust you to be patient with me. 

To my future love, I wander. I cannot apologize for not being whole. The past taught me to live in the present. I cannot regret my past, I cannot regret my mistakes. But I regret not meeting you during the early years, only for the reason that I would have wanted to share my milestones with you. Yes, I would have loved to share my happiness with you. There were moments when I would have wanted to smile with you from the stage when I graduated on my masters. The joyous moment when I would have wanted to text you after I have gotten the result of my certifications. It would have been convenient to share the pain and struggles with you on achieving my latest milestone. There were many instances I would have gladly shared with you. But my love, we will make memories. We will celebrate each other's milestones. 

To my future love, I wander. But my trusting heart and my hopeful soul pray to meet you at the time when we are ready; when the universe is ready. I have faith in us, and in God. 


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