The Sandbox Adventures

November 02, 2016

My friend Apple has been back to work for months, and so it's back to adventures (and petty fights) with her. :P We went to Sandbox with her college friends and Dwin last July. Dwin picked me up in Makati, together with my stuff that I'd bring home after our trip. We met up with the rest of the group in Cubao and headed to Pampanga. I sat beside Dwin, and wasn't really a good navigator, so we got a bit lost. :P We reached Sandbox in one piece though, and the lines weren't still so bad. Lucky for us, I guess. 
Sandbox crew
AND that's me!
We availed of Package A for PhP750 which includes the entrance fee, giant swing, aerial walk, free fall, rappelling, wall climbing and roller coaster zipline. It was super sulit, trust me! 
Package A
We started on the wall climbing, which I have been meaning to try for years. BUT I've mentioned it a whole lot of times, my upper body is weak. And yup, my upper body is still weak despite being more active this year. I had numerous attempts, and the staff was nice enough to let me until I gave up on my own. I TRIED GUYS.
wall climbing preparation
Yup, I could still smile like that. :P
After we all had our turns on the wall climbing, we headed on the rappelling. This I did badly. :P More badly than I would normally have done, I guess. :P I kinda panicked. Fine, I panicked. But I was safe and unhurt. 
the rappelling preparation
Oops, look at that!
Watch how badly I did the rapelling. :P

We decided to do the aerial walk which was very interesting. Each of the obstacles provided level of difficulty which we passed with flying colors. We bought the photos they took of us, and we were able to haggle the price. :P
Aerial Walk
The obstacles were quite difficult to pass. We were terribly exhausted after we finished it. My legs were wobbling on this one. Seriously.
AND this is how you balance!
The other obstacles were also challenging. But the above photo would probably the most intense part for me. 

Dwin finished last, because he started last too. He was missing when we started on the Aerial Walk. We waited for him to finish. We went to do the other activities, but I chickened out on the free fall. I did the rollercoaster zipline which was quite interesting. Apple did another wall climbing (we had a spare ticket), and we were not able to do the giant swing. It rained hard after we finished all the activities. But it was definitely a fun day. 

Oh, here's my profile-worthy photo from our Sandbox adventure. :P
smile :P

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