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October 01, 2016

It has always been in my bucket list to just pack my stuff, and go. But not really brave enough to go on that kind of adventure until few weeks ago. I actually got crazy, pack my things and went to Boracay. I was supposed to go and visit Cotabato with friends, but the recent bombing in that place simply wouldn't allow it. The friends can't accommodate the change of plans. I needed a break. I was getting terribly cray cray. I had panic attacks. I had crying spells. I needed a break then, but at the same time I was scared I won't be able to handle being alone. I can travel solo, so that really was, I dunno, crazy. 

I had to be able to be comfortable with just being with myself again. I had to do this. I booked a flight to Boracay a week before the scheduled leave. In the morning of my flight, I booked my accommodation. Auhm, I was hesitant to book the place because I was alone, and would have to shoulder the accommodation expenses by myself. But I needed to relax, I needed to do this. I chose Willy's Beach Hotel. 

I was feeling better a day before my vacay. I was feeling the excitement I used to feel whenever I go on vacation. I got to Boracay at around 7pm, and stayed in a dormitory room at Chill Out Hostel for the night. It was walking distance to D Mall, I walked from there to D Mall for my dinner. I actually shopped a bikini top on my first night. But it was at 70% off, good deal, promise! 

I had breakfast before I left the hostel, it was included on what I paid for. I actually would recommend staying in this place if you don't mind a bit of walking. The place opened only this May, and they have the nicest staff.

I still had time to get a coffee before I checked in to Willy's so I went to Real Coffee and got myself the calamansi muffin too. I stayed a bit and read. 

The room where I stayed in Willy's Beach Hotel can actually accommodate three. This is a beachfront hotel in Station 1. Yup, I splurged a bit. I rested a bit in the room, and changed. I stayed in the beach bed, and read. So that was my routine on the days I was there. I would wake up in the morning, eat in the buffet breakfast, swim a bit, read in the beach bed, walk from Station 1 to Station 3 (Come on, the Workweek Hustle is always on!) and watch TV at night. Like a boss. Lakas makamayaman. I don't usually drink when I travel alone, so yup, I lola mode when I was there. :P

It was a bed weather when I was there in Boracay. Not much rain, but the waves were crazy, but somehow, these calmed me. This was my second Boracay trip for this year. Hmmm, planning to go there every once in a while to recharge. 

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