To the wanderer, you are a lost soul. You found me in my peace, and you got attracted to my light. We wandered in the streets, and found the noise a lullaby.

To the wanderer, you brought me in your world, and I found it interesting. We wandered in the streets, and found the noise appealing.

To the wanderer, we wandered in the world, and found the laughters utterly satisfying. We broke the boundaries, and kept wanting for more than the sights in the city.

To the wanderer, but you are a lost soul. You got tired of my light. You left me in the middle of the city, and I had to wander on my own. 

To the wanderer, I wandered. I went back to the place where you found me the first time; I struggled to go back, leaving the noise of the city behind me. I numbed to the bright lights of the streets. I found my way home. 

To the wanderer, you will find your home. Trust me. 


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