August 19, 2016

To my future love, I wander. I got lost. I settled to that guy who loved the idea of me. I  made mistakes. I got hurt when that guy left as he walked in the rain on my side. He (they) cannot keep up with my storm. 

I wander. And I apologize for getting lost. But my love, do we really apologize for entrusting our heart to someone?

To my future love, I wander. In wandering, we sometimes get ourselves broken. Please be patient with me. I trust you, I trust you to be patient with me. 

To my future love, I wander. I cannot apologize for not being whole. The past taught me to live in the present. I cannot regret my past, I cannot regret my mistakes. But I regret not meeting you during the early years, only for the reason that I would have wanted to share my milestones with you. Yes, I would have loved to share my happiness with you. There were moments when I would have wanted to smile with you from the stage when I graduated on my masters. The joyous moment when I would have wanted to text you after I have gotten the result of my certifications. It would have been convenient to share the pain and struggles with you on achieving my latest milestone. There were many instances I would have gladly shared with you. But my love, we will make memories. We will celebrate each other's milestones. 

To my future love, I wander. But my trusting heart and my hopeful soul pray to meet you at the time when we are ready; when the universe is ready. I have faith in us, and in God. 

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Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)