Seoul Searching: Hello Kitty Cafe and Lotte World

June 12, 2016

We got lost searching for the Hello Kitty Cafe. Because we really have to be here, I love Hello Kitty, reallyyyy. We took the wrong train stop, and already walked a lot before we finally get to see the cafe. It was already lunch, we decided to get ramen before having our coffee fix in this cute shop. Hihi. 

If you're actually rooting for Hello Kitty, this is the place to go. The shop is pink! You could actually feel the Hello Kitty vibe here. We got ourselves coffee, and settled on one of the tables.
Hello Kitty Cafe

Look at this coffee art, Hello Kitty, hihi. Lovely.
coffee fix
After we had our coffee fix, we went to Lotte World, an indoor theme park. I was supposed to meet my college friends (ex's classmates, sorta same group of friends). But they went to Nami Island, and got stranded because it rained hard. We bought the after 7pm ticket, it has a different rate. Well, cheaper. The regular rate is 33,000 won, for after 7pm it would only be 17,000 won. We weren't planning to try the rides, so after 7pm admission ticket should suffice.

We found the merry-go-round used in the koreanovela Stairway to Heaven, hihi. So yes, I watched it as well when I was younger. :P Blame GMA7. :P
the merry-go-round
Di ko sure kung ano trip ko nito. :P
We went around Lotte World while waiting for the night parade. The theme park looks grand at night. 
Lotte World after 7pm
The night parade was equally amazing. It lit the whole place.
the night parade

We left right after the night parade. It was a long day anyway. 
long but fun day
* Credit to Jelai on some of the photos

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