Seoul (Not) Searching: Petite France and Garden of the Morning Calm

June 26, 2016

We missed visiting Petite France, a French cultural village, when we visited Nami Island. So, since we had lots of time, we decided to still pay a visit on this one on another day. This place pays tribute to Saint-Exupery, the author of the French novel Le Petite France. We paid 6,000 won for the entrance fee. We took the Gapyeong shuttle bus to Petite France. We paid 6,000 won. There are galleries and memorial hall dedicated to Saint-Exupery.

The Petite France was also the location in one of the famous scenes in the Koreanovela, My Love from the Star. So yes, I watched it, this was shown few years ago only. :P 

But aside from that there are lots to see in Petite France, lotsa pretty things related to the French culture of course.

We were in Petite France when I received messages that my photo has been shortlisted in the Asia Photo Competition at work. Hihi. We were leaving that time, going to the Garden of the Morning Calm. We went to the bus terminal, and waited for the shuttle. We paid 7,000 won for the entrance. The Garden of the Morning Calm is the oldest private garden in Korea. 

I have higher expectations, maybe this wasn't the time of the year. The private garden is huge, some parts were awesome, but other parts were not. But the some parts that were good really looked grand.

Okay, or maybe I just had higher expectations then? Given another chance to visit Korea, I'd probably not skip the Garden of the Morning Calm, and would be eagerly pay another visit. 

*Credit to Jelai on some of the photos

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