Seoul (Not) Searching: Hwaseong Fortress

May 21, 2016

On the 4th day of our Korea trip, it was just me and Jelai to visit the Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is located in Suwon, and was built during the Joseon Dynasty. Hwaseong Fortress has impressive structures, and the fortress wall stretches to a total of 5.52km. So yes, you can't possibly do a walking tour here, rent a bike instead. We only paid 1,000 won mind you, best decision ever in this trip. :P So, yes now, let's get started. The Hwaseong Fortress was built for defense, and most importantly, or interestingly, to house the remains of the King's father, who was sentenced to death by his own father.
Never mind the outfit, noh? Plus this photo na medyo fail. But hey, I biked around the place for 2 hours. This was the start of the bike tour. 
We visited the towers, and found them in good condition. We also met old people guarding the fortress, which I found very nice. Plus points for equal job opportunity. 

One of the interesting spots would be the location of the Jewel in the Palace in Hwaseong Fortress. I watched it when I was a kid, no judging please. Korean dramas are absolutely good. I have probably outgrown it, but every now and then I still watch Korean dramas. 

We left the jewel in the place, and proceeded to finish our bike tour. We were actually already in the last leg when it started to rain a bit. A little bit of rain shouldn't hurt, despite getting sick a lot of times on my trips. :P

We went in Buksumun, or the Northern Floodgate, and the Bukammun, or the Northern Secret Gate. In total, there are five secret gates in the Hwaseong Fortress used mainly to transport people, cattle and military supplies. 

By this time, we were already tired and it was starting to rain again. We headed back to return the bikes we rented. It was a nice tour around this UNESCO World Heritage Site, this trip would have been better if I was dressed appropriately noh? :P

*Credit to Jelai for some of the photos

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