Seoul Searching: Nami Island

March 29, 2016

It was already a visit to the Nami Island on our second day. We took the subway to Gapyeong Station, and took the cab instead of waiting for the tour bus. We were in group anyway. We took the ferry, and paid 8,000 won for the entrance. 

We were thinking of renting a bike, you know Koreanovela feels, but decided to walk first. I was really hoping to see the beautiful autumn, but it was only the start of the season when we came there. We explored the place, and admire what we found there. After all, we were in Nami Island. I went to Korea for the Nami Island, seriously.

We found the area where they shot the Winter Sonata. I watched this Koreanovela when I was a kid. The snowmen were part of the series. Hmm, you don't really expect me to remember the series, noh? :P

mga trip ko sa buhay

In the Metasequoia, we tried to get our best snapshots despite the number of tourists on that day. I had to get my profile-worthy photo in this place! This was edited, thus the color. 
posture, ugh
There wasn't much to explore in Nami Island except for the walking paths. Well, I came for the Metasequoia walking path. We took our lunch, and we bought ref magnets in one of the shops. After few more photo ops, we decided to leave. We were unable to rent a bike when we went there. We just did a lot of walking. We also did not head to Petite France as planned, we went back in the city, and went to Myeongdong for a bit of shopping. We actually did a lot of shopping in this trip. :P
the Seoul searchers

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