Seoul Searching: Everland

March 28, 2016

So yes, I went to Korea last October for the autumn. It wasn't as what I expected it to be but let's saved that later, alright? Korea is my cheaper alternative to Japan. I scored a seat sale with my college friends EA and Jelai. My current office friends also booked on the same dates. EA was unable to go, she was sent to Melbourne instead. 

So it was autumn, and it was cold. We had to bring coats, and boots. I borrowed Makriz' and Izel's coats. Hihi. I have an old pair of boots. I could use the leggings I used when I went to Sydney. Layering should do. We decided to stay in the same hostel, Ara, Bren, Tink and her sister, Isel arrived early on October 6. I arrived later at night with Jelai, and Meann arrived after us. We made sure to get our T-Money at the airport as we would be using it for our transportation. You can get the cheapest T-Money for 2500 won. We took the bus 6002 from bus stop 5B (or 12A) going to Apple Backpackers. This took us around an hour to reach Jong no 3ga, and got off in front of Lotteria. We walked quite a bit with our baggage in tow to reach the hostel. We were tired on that day, and were hesitant to visit Everland, but nonetheless we decided to make this our first spot in Korea. 

From Apple Backpackers, we took the subway going Everland, and we transfer for nth time to reach Everland. Everland is a theme park in Yongin, South Korea. It has five areas namely Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia.
the nth subway
We bought our tickets in the ticket office, and use our coupons. It was the Korea Grand Sale when we visited, we were able to score it for half the actual price. The theme on that day is probably halloween. Oh yes, just guessing. :P
Hi Everland!
Colorful flowers were everywhere on the time of our visit. It was fitting for photos. Good thing, Jelai came with me. She took all of my beautiful photos. Hihi.
smile pa more
We got tired and decided to wait for KFC to open up. Well, yes KFC in Everland. We came all the way from PH for the KFC chicken, you know? :P So while we waited, Jelai took this parang stolen, pero obvious na hindi photo. I am not really good in reading maps, so there. :P
Parang stolen pero obvious na hindi. :P
When we had our chicken fill, we took the cable car and transfer to the other area. So yes, there is a cable car that you could use.
cable car
We headed to the Carnival Square, and caught this performance. We stopped to watch. Shouldn't take a genius to guess what the theme noh? :P
at the Carnival Square
We decided to try the Mystery Mansion, it was a little bit of fun shooting at the ghosts. Hehe. We explored the place again, and decided to line up in the Safari World. Just a quick meet and greet to the kings of the jungle. Haha.

When the meet and greet was over, we headed to the Amazon Express. They probably miss Enchanted Kingdom. Kidding. We were provided with waterproof tarp so we didn't really get wet.
the Amazon Express
It was time to stay put, so we headed to watch the sea lion show. For whatever it's worth, I always watch sea lion, even penguin, performance whenever I have the chance. It's always interesting to watch them, and considering the effort to train them, it should always be worth watching.
the show
The Safari World meet and greet wasn't enough for us that day, we went ahead and lined up at the Lost Valley. Some safari adventure, huh. We rode the convertible amphibian vehicle together with the other guests. This vehicle brought us closer to the different animals at the Lost Valley.
the convertible amphibian vehicle

too close?
It was wonderful to see these animals up close, even though I am not honestly not very fond of animals. Well, I am fine looking at them. But touching, no. When we were done exploring the Lost Valley, we've decided to get an ice cream. We were initially searching for the Baskin Robbins that I saw earlier, but could not find it, so we settled to the nearest ice cream that we saw that time. It was still expensive, mind you.
my favorite photo
We Lola mode on the rest of the afternoon, so we just explored the place, and did not try any other ride. But guys, we still walked quite a lot too. So it's not really Lola mode. We went to the garden area, these should be my favorite area, hmmm, away from the hustle and bustle of the theme park.

We were able to watch the parade from here too. 
There were just so many spots to photograph here. Oh yes, even with that theme. :P

may photobomber hihi
rest and then fly again
We stayed in this area until it gotten dark. We wanted to see the Rose Garden at night. Jelai said that it would be nice at night. Of course, my photo did not really do justice. 
the roses at night
Oh, and just when I thought it was time to go home, we went inside the K-Pop Hologram. Isel wanted to see it. Not a K-Pop fan, but it was fun to try it. You will experience the power of technology inside. 

After the K-Pop excitement died down, it was finally time to go home. We took the bus, instead of the subway. It was a long day. 

* Credit to Jelai for some of the photos

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