Eiffel For You

February 22, 2016

I painted the Eiffel Tower last weekend. Yihee. :P

I went to Sip and Gogh in Kapitolyo with my college friends, EA and Jelai, last weekend. I've been wanting to visit this and paint for the longest time but none of my friends wanted to go with me. Well, that was before EA invited us to join her on painting her 3rd one. Yes, 3rd. We scheduled it on a Saturday, and met up with them in Robinson's Pioneer for a quick lunch before heading to our painting session. 

I was giddy when I arrived in the studio. I got even more excited when I wore the apron. Like a painter. :P The studio is small, but should fit a number of guests; the place is artsy. I initially decided to paint the ballerina because of the nice colors. But I decided to paint something dear to me, the Eiffel Tower. It's in my bucket list, I'm sure you know that. Hihi.
Sip and Gogh in Kapitolyo
I'm ready to Gogh!
We arrived a bit early so we had time for photo op, and was able to go through the paintings in the studio. By 1pm, we started the session, we were assisted from the beginning to end; so that should included the mixing of colors, and the paint strokes among others. We were told which part of the painting work on first, we started on a blank canvass. 
the blank canvass
I started doing the background of the tower, wherein I heavily painted the pinkish part. But it looks okay to me so I stuck with it. :P I proceeded with the tower after finishing the background, and I actually hesitant to do it. But I did, it looks a bit bad. But it was my first time to try on my hand on this, so fine.
grabbed from their Facebook page
so serious? :P
I was one of the few people who finished last. I really struggled doing the tower. But I finished it, and I have something to hang in the new house, probably in my room. HAHAHA. I will come back for the ballerina, and hopefully it could be good enough in the living room. :P

If you want to discover your artsy side, come and visit Sip and Gogh, for PhP1000 you will be provided materials and snacks, plus of course assistance on your masterpiece. Show me your masterpieces, okay? Oh, here's ours. :P

* I grabbed one photo from Sip and Gogh Facebook page.

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