My 2016 Vision Board

January 02, 2016

Hello 2016! I've created my vision board for this year already. Yay. Let's take a look, shall we? :P
Ehermm, so where should I start? Let's start with my travel plans. For this year, I am planning to visit Antique (February), El Nido, Palawan (June), Kota Kinabalu (August), Cotabato (September) and Korea (November). Pray that I have enough money and vacation leaves for my trips, okay? I should be able to squeeze this on my budget. I hope. Hehe. Oh, I also want a tattoo by Whang-Od, the last mambabatok in Kalinga. Auhm, that should be added on my travel plans too, right? :P

In terms of volunteer activities, I'm kinda giving it up this year to make time for other stuff. I have not done any volunteer activities in the past years though. So, I should rather say I am kinda giving up on any attempt to volunteer this year. But I will continue my child sponsorship in World Vision. You can sponsor a child, too. 

I planned to create travel photo books last year, but I haven't had time to sort my photos. Hopefully this year, I could start already. 

I need to go back to reading. I've been pretty lazy in the past year. So, I signed up in Good Reads, and pledged to read 50 books by the end of the year. I could track my progress too. 

For this year, hopefully I could go back to boxing and run regularly. I need to be fit, I am not getting any younger. So, push. I want to learn how to swim and bake too. I would like to try diving too. Maybe an intro to diving would suffice. 

Oh, I'd like to take IELTS too. Not that I have definite plans about it, but just in case, right? I've been wanting to take the exam for years but I am afraid to fail, plus I really have bad hearing.

I am hopeful that we could move in the new house before my birthday. The house is being constructed at the moment. Finally. 

I am not sure how I could save this year considering my travel plans and moving to the our new house. But let's see. But I will continue paying my mutual fund accounts, at the very least. 

I am focusing on my personal growth this year. I just hope I'd have enough motivation to push through on my plans. I am hopeful to have a better year, and less drama in 2016. Because I deserve it! Game on, 2016!

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  1. omg! so love the 2016 vision board. :) I would love to have my own vision for 2016.

    Happy New Year.


    1. You should create one. Go and visit Pinterest. Happy new year! :D


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