Magayon, Mt Mayon!

December 31, 2015

We only spent a day in Biri, and went back to Legazpi. It was a long travel. Like really long travel. But hey, it was worth it, right? Say yes, please. :P
We went back at Mayon Backpackers Hostel, it was already late in the afternoon by the time we reached the hostel. We decided to go and visit Daraga Church for a glimpse of Mt Mayon. We waited an hour for it to clear up, but got slightly disappointed again. This was the second time we went to Daraga Church, the first time was during our first day in Legazpi. On both days, the Mt Mayon was a no show. 
We left, and agreed to go back the following day before our flight. Well, this was one of my objectives on this trip. I wanted to see the perfect cone. So, there.

Pao and Aron went to the supermarket, Alvin and I waited for them in the nearby coffeeshop, the La Mia Tazza. Good coffee, if I may say so. EJ already left for her flight to Manila by this time. Pao and Aron cooked our dinner. Well, they cooked all our meals for this trip. Hihi, thanks guys. After dinner, the couple introduced us to Brew Kettle. Good beer. This is a local beer, so go and try it. :P
We woke up early the following morning, and we headed straight to Daraga Church after breakfast. Boom, finally it showed up. Our patience paid off. 

Magayon, Mt Mayon!
Alvin and I left for our flight. We were happy that we were able to see the Mt Mayon. We tried three times, imagine that! Unfortunately for EJ, she left without seeing the perfect cone.

I took photos of the Mt Mayon even when we were already in the plane. It was a wonderful sight. I felt so accomplished on this trip. Yay.

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