Biri Beautiful Rock Formations

December 30, 2015

Okay, the main goal of this trip was really to explore Biri Island. We found awesome photos of the rock formations in the internet, and we would like to see them ourselves. Kuya Eddie was hesitant to bring us to Biri Island due to the large waves on the day we arrived in Matnog. But good thing, the waves seemed to tone down the next day, the day we ought to go to Biri Island. When we arrived in the island, we took a habal-habal going to Villa Amor, our accommodation during our stay in Biri. We left our things in Villa Amor, and proceeded to pay PhP50 for the environmental fee. 
the map
There are seven rock formations in Biri, these are Magasang, Magsapad, Macadlaw, Puhunan, Bel-at, Pinanahawan and Caranas. Hopefully, I would be able to identify the rock formations correctly (with the help of Google). :P 

We started at the Bel-at rock formation. I was a bit scared of the bridge, because it's old and dilapidated. But should still be helpful in order to reach Bel-at.
the bridge
You really have to be careful here.
This was my view from the top, overlooking the tidal pool which is between Bel-at and Caranas. I tried my best to swim in the tidal pool, just the way I know how because I really don't know how to swim. :P We would have stayed here longer but this was the first rock formation we visited, and we still had to finish the rest. It was a scorching hot day. I was already sunburned in Bel-at. 
awww, the view. 
best effort at this tidal pool
We walked to Puhunan rock formation afterwards. Bel-at, Caranas and Puhunan are located in one area. 

We headed to the Caranas rock formation, but that was after wading another tidal pool.
We visited the Magasang and Magsapad rock formations last, these are the northernmost rock formations. I was too tired at this point, but damn, we saved the best rock formations last. So go!

I'm sure I've mentioned multiple times already that I do have fear of heights. But these guys are mountaineers, and they encourage me to sit in the edge of the rocks, something that I would never do if I don't trust the people I am with.
Hihi, look at my smile.
There is no bridge connecting the two rock formations so we had to walk our way to Magsapad rock formation. And boy, I slipped. I was walking by myself, and a bit pre-occupied, when I accidentally stepped on a rock which was covered in moss. It took me a minute to recover from my fall, I fell face down, ugh. I got bruises on my knees too. 

Magsapad, the last rock formation we climbed, is dubbed as the Little Batanes. See this for yourself. Batanes feels. Probably a sign to go and visit Batanes, noh? :P

brave girl :P
What are we looking at again? :P
yay, done!
It was time to go, so we did not visit the last rock formation. But yes, we climbed all the other rock formations. Imagine that! Good job to us, especially to me. :P But hey, the views on top of the rock formations are spectacular. My personal favorite is the Bel-at, probably because of the tidal pool and the view overlooking it, absolutely breathtaking. If you are visiting Biri Island anytime soon, make sure to make it on top, you won't regret it. Very beautiful Biri, indeed. 
my favorite shot
P.S. Feel free to let me know if I label the rock formations incorrectly.

*Credit to EJ, Alvin, and Sheena

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