December 30, 2015

The shift in priorities happened this year. I encountered a lot of disappointments this year at work. I met a lot of issues with some friends this year. Few of them broke my trust, but then some just slipped away. Well, that happens. Life happens.

If I'm going to be honest, I'd say that I am still naive. I believe in the goodness of people. I believe in dedication and hard work as the secrets to success. When I am being sincere and honest, I believe that people will be just as same to me. I believe that people value friendships over pride and flirtations. I am 30, and I still believe in fairytales. 

I was unable to handle my issues properly this year. When people downplay what I do, or give others undue attention, lie in my face, and even assume the worst in me, I was not sure how to deal with these. I was not sure how to deal with these toxic people. I became toxic myself. I was hurt. I came to a point that I wanted to leave, and re-start my life. I made few wrong calls. But I am fortunate to have friends who stay with me at my low days. I have friends who keep on reminding me on the person I used to be. Then one day, I let go. I let go of the toxic thoughts. I let go of the hurts. I cut connections. I shifted priorities. I became happier and accepting.

My 2015 is far from perfect. It sounded bad, but I learned my lessons. If I am going to compare it to my 2014, it will come short. But the personal accomplishments I made this year is enough for me to be happy. I've come to know myself more as a person, and hopefully be able to handle my issues better in the future. Oh, and I also traveled few times this year. So, as long as I could travel, I'd be happy. As long as things are good at home, I'd be happy. So thank you, 2015.

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