My 30th in Batad

October 18, 2015

Oh, right. I have a birthday celebration to tell you all about. I can't believe I've been this lazy the past few months, ugh. But let's do this, alright? :P

My friends and I went to Batad last June 6-8 to celebrate my 30th birthday. Hihi. Oh, how time flies. Anyway, I actually thought I'd be in Sydney for my 30th, but the business trip got moved, so we spent it in Batad instead. Batad is a wonderful place. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site lang naman!

I researched about Batad, and decided to contact Leemas for the accommodation and the tour. We were unable to reserve bus tickets for this trip because we didn't have time to buy in the bus station. We were a bit lucky that we were able to secure center seats for the 10.15pm trip. But got even luckier when some folks decided to switch with us. We got better seats and earlier trip. #birthdayluck haha

We left at around 9.30pm, and arrived in Banaue at around 6am. From Banaue, we met Leemas to pick us up. We joined the other group from Banaue going to the Batad Saddle, that saved us a bit of trouble (and money) because we would have needed to catch the public jeep that goes there twice a day, fare is P150. Or we would have the option to rent an entire jeep for P1500. Good thing, Leemas took care of it. We paid P1200/day for the tour, and P400/pax/day for the accommodation. 
travel buddies
When we reached the Batad Saddle via the jeepney, we had to trek for almost 2hrs. If you're physically fit, you can probably do it in 45 minutes, but we're not, so there. Haha.
Let's do this!
Then, yipee finally you reached the Welcome to Batad signage, but you have to trek some more to reach the homestay. Meet the first group we met at Batad. They only stayed for a night. Pero grabe their energy.
with the 1st group
Pay the heritage fee, and then go your homestay. We paid P50, and then we went to Ramon's Native Homestay and Restaurant. We stayed in one of their native huts. A first for all of us.
native huts
hut #1
There is no cellular signal in Batad, you only have yourself, your friends, and the other travellers staying in the homestay. But really, for this amazing view, wow. 
this breathtaking view
We decided to Lola mode on our first day. We came here for the breathtaking view, just so you know. :P We joined the socials after dinner. There were few foreigners that night. Mang Ramon joined us, and shared stories about Batad.

The following morning, we visited the Tappiyah Falls. It was not an easy trek, trust me. Haha. The amazing view of the rice terraces made up for it. 
rice terraces
we can do it!
This really wasn't an easy trek, at least for us. It was an up and down on steep and uneven steps. But all for the love of adventure. :P
just smile and do it
how we look during the trek to the falls
We rested a bit in the shed near the Tappiyah Falls. From that spot, I took this photo. Beautiful, right? 
Tappiyah Falls

We did not swim, but we took our packed lunch by the falls. We left after we rested. Going back would be equally challenging, we needed to recharge. Haha.
lunch with this view
We took the different path going back, still with the magnificent view of the rice terraces, of course. But still a challenging trek for us. Good thing, we had a very patient guide.
Tsina: Help, please!
EJ: I need help too. 
But hey, we did it. We deserved this photo op. :P
When we came back at the homestay, we decided to freshen up. My friends threw a birthday surprise for me. Sweet friends!

Other people joined us in this celebration, including Mang Ramon. We were the only people in the homestay that night. We also gathered around for another socials.
We became good friends with the couple, and the three other solo travellers. The three boys had tattoo with Wang-Od prior to going in Batad. I envy them. Haha. We went to the best view deck the following morning, my birthday. Fun times with these guys. 
birthday groufie
at the best view deck
The boys went to the Tappiyah Falls, and we went back at the homestay. We tried the Ifugao costume.  Because it was my birthday, kidding. 
We left the homestay ahead of the others. It didn't really matter, because they caught up with us. :P They had prior arrangements with the tricycle drivers, and we agreed to meet in Banaue instead. For us, we finally had our topload experience while we tour Banaue. Hihi. 

We met with the guys again and had lunch, and you know what else we did on my birthday? This. 

But then, it was time to go home. But I was glad I celebrated my birthday with my old and newfound friends. I definitely had fun. I did not regret celebrating my 30th here. Batad is an amazing place, away from the disturbance of the modern world. 

Here's our expenses for this trip. The food is a bit pricey here, but when you see what they have to trek to deliver their stuff, you'd understand.
You can contact Leemas to arrange your trip. Or contact Ramon's Homestay. Either way should be fine.
Leemas - 09359807939
Mang Ramon - 09168743787

*Photos are from Regina/Ej/Tsina

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