August 16, 2015

I turned 30 a month ago. THE BIG 3-0. I celebrated my birthday with family, old friends, and even newfound friends. 

I was supposed to be in Sydney for the business trip, unfortunately it got moved. So we decided to push through to the original plan of going to Batad. I was a bit hesitant, and was thinking of celebrating my birthday in Boracay. I was planning to take the easy route, but adventure won this time. My friends surprised me on the night prior to my birthday. Sweet friends. More of that on my Batad blog kwento. :P
We left Batad in the morning of my birthday. We arrived in Manila the following day, I met with my family at Vikings for lunch. My mother joined us. My cousins and nephews joined the birthday lunch too.
family lunch
In the evening, I met with my officemates for a videoke night. Daming energy. :P
videoke night
I had post-birthday lunch with Tatang. Ronie bought me coffee in Starbucks. They were unable to join the videoke. :P Izel gave me a book. 

Of course, the post-birthday business trip. Yay!
post-birthday trip
The good thing about turning 30, you become grateful to all your blessings. You see where you used to be, and you start to appreciate all the things you accomplished. You turned 30, and you become wiser. You turned 30, and you become happier. Parang biglang nawala yung pressure. I am  30 and I am blessed. Thank You for another year.

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  1. Happy birthday! Wishing you more happy travels! :)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)