Weekend Birthday Surprise for Erlie

July 30, 2015

The week following my trip in Oslob-Dumaguete-Siquijor, I went to La Luz with Regina and Erlie. It was Erlie's 24th birthday! We reserved and paid online in Agoda. It was a hassle-free transaction. We availed of the buffet food package for the entire trip. Not bad for this weekend birthday trip.
Hello there, La Luz!
It was past lunch when we arrived in La Luz, good thing we had a buffet lunch waiting for us. So this was the menu on that day.
the buffet lunch
What's for lunch?
After lunch, we went in our room. The room is small, but it's pretty neat. Thumbs up. We paid for a 2-bed room, and decided to move the bed so three of us could fit.
mirror selfie :P
the beds
We were eager to start our Lola mode, and went to the beach. To read. Yes, read. Haha. But we also took lotsa photos. :P 
turista mode :P
the friends
more? :P
Oh, we snorkeled. After snacks, we tried their Tribord. Auhm, we did not see much, and I got injured, too. Huhu. Erlie liked the Tribord, more than the usual snorkeling gear. I still prefer the good old but dependable snorkeling gears. 
let's snorkel!
So I mentioned that it was Erlie's birthday. Reg brought a cake and I brought a bottle of wine. Typical. :P We hid these in the car, and the wine was in my bag. When we arrived at La Luz, we asked them if they could keep both the cake and the wine, they agreed. After dinner, we told Erlie to stay at the cabana, and wait for us because we wanted to request for additional stuff in the room. She believed us. :P So it was indeed a surprise for her. I took a video of our surprise, take a look and enjoy. :P

The following morning, they went to the beach, and I was alone in the room, sleeping. Hahaha. My extreme Lola mode was on. :P But for a weekend birthday trip for Erlie plus quick relaxation, this was what we needed. 

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