My Two Weeks in Sydney

July 11, 2015

I went to Sydney for the second time last June. It should only be my teammate who will be sent to Sydney but my account manager said that I should go as well, how can I refuse such a tempting offer? :P It was few days after my birthday. The flight should have been scheduled on June 13. But it was a public holiday in Manila last June 12, so we requested for an early fly out. We arrived in Sydney on June 12. This was only a two-week trip. 

June 12. We went to Martin Place, and met up with our teammates for a Thai lunch. We took the free bus to the Thai Town. This photo is the Martin Place, one of my favorite places in Sydney.
Martin Place, our office :P
We were supposed to visit the Sydney Opera House right after lunch, but we had a bit of detour and went to Darling Harbour.
Sydney Darling Harbour
Finally, we found our way to the Sydney Opera House, my (second, next to the Eiffel Tower but I have not been there yet) favorite place in the world.
Yay, I see you again!
I had dinner with Dinh, my former project manager, and few glasses of wine at Amora Hotel on my first night in Sydney. Haha.
on my first night, really? :P
June 13. I went to a buffet lunch with Ace and his friends. Afterwards, I left and joined my Auntie and her family for a sumptuous dinner at HUX Grill. The owner of the HUX Grill joined the Masterchef contest in 2011.
my favorite of the lot
wine night again with my Auntie
June 14. I went to lunch with my Auntie and her brother's family. We went around CBD. This is one of the things I like in Sydney.
There is no shortcut to success.
Ace and James invited me to a dinner at Hurricane's Grill. They say that this place has the best steaks and ribs around CBD. 
ribs and steaks again
On weekdays, we spent it in the office, of course. We went out for lunch all the time with our teammates. We had dinner with Xun at the Meat and Wine Co on the 18th. I cannot stop myself from eating.
a bit expensive, but good food
June 20. Instead of going to the Blue Mountains, I shopped this day at Birkenhead Point Outlet Center with my Auntie. Huhu, shopping. We had lunch at the marina, and stayed outside for the view, despite the cold. :P
The cold never bothered us anyway. :P
how to make me happy
June 21. I went with Ace and James, and we visited some spots in Sydney. Well first, lunch at the Pancakes on the Rocks.
Pancakes on the Rocks
We found a contortionist on our way to the museum. We stopped to watch a bit.
We moved to explore the Museum of Contemporary Art. This is actually the first museum I visited in Sydney.
art on art
We were headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens, but decided to pause for photos with the Opera House. 
pre-stolen shot for the win!
We wanted a good spot to capture both the bridge and the Opera House so we decided to walk to the Mrs Macquarie's Chair. It was a bit far from the Opera House, err. But look at this, it was worth it. We waited for the sunset.
awesome view
with James and Ace
Because we were too tired from walking, we decided to rest a bit and ordered our hot chocolates at Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe. I had the minty one. 
game on
The last week in Sydney proved to be very toxic. But good thing we still managed to go out for lunch, but at 2pm most of the time. On our last Thursday, we had another team lunch at Yayoi. Dinh joined us.
team lunch
I went to Chatswood to have dinner with my former college professor. She looks the same, her family migrated in Sydney. It was nice catching up with her.

I was busy catching up with friends on our last Friday. Haha. We had lunch with our former BA lead at Ippudo. Ramen, finally.
ramen day
I had a catch up with Sana over a cup of hot chocolate. She visited Manila once. After we finished work, we decided to join the drinks at 50 Martin Place, very awesome office. 
Friday's best!
After this, I met up with Arbie, my friend from my masters. He is also James' future housemate, what a small world. We went to Max Brenner for a hot chocolate and the tasty waffles! After getting my fix, I had my last dinner on this trip with my Auntie at a Chinese restaurant. Afterwards, we went to my serviced apartment and she helped me on my packing.

It was a very quick business trip, and despite not being able to visit some new places, I am very glad that I was able to see and catch up with these people. I still find Sydney one of my favorite places! Let's go back, please! :P

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