The Beauty of Siquijor

June 15, 2015

I've been wanting to visit Siquijor for the longest time because of the awesome photos that I keep on seeing around. The first time I booked, it had a conflict on my exams so I had to cancel it. I tried again, but there was a typhoon on that second time. This last attempt proved to be successful. Siquijor is a very nice and quiet place. We planned to stay at Lorna's End of the World but they were fully booked during that time. We opted to stay in Casa Miranda. This is a beachfront accommodation. From Casa Miranda, we had an access to the beach. 
Hi, Mister!
When we saw the beach, the look on my face probably revealed what I was feeling at that moment. But the hammock made up for that. Hihi. 
The sunset is another story. Sunsets by the beach always calm my soul.
We decided to Lola mode on our first day, and visit the spots the following day. On our first stop, we visited Capilay's Spring Park. No, we did not swim at all. :P
Capilay's Spring Park
We went to the Old Balete Tree, this was a bit creepy. We tried the fish spa, but I was a bit uncomfortable so I just waited for them to finish.
Old Balete Tree
We passed by the old Lazi Church and Convent. We went in and said our prayers. I stopped taking photos of the church interiors a long time ago as a sign of respect.
Lazi Convent
Lazi Church
We went to the Cambugahay Falls, which should be one of the highlights on this Siquijor trip. We were probably the first visitors for that day that we were asked by the policemen if they could document our visit and see how the guides were doing. Apparently, they are going to present it to their superiors.
Cambugahay Falls
multi-tiered falls

We found the make-shift swing after walking a bit, okay that was more than a bit of walk, and tried it. We took turns in the swing. I don't know how to swim. Hehe. :P But it was fun! I am still thinking if I will upload my swing by the baging video. My teammates laughed at me really hard, ugh. Hahahaha!!

On our way to the Salagdoong Beach, we passed by the forest. This place is absolutely gorgeous. I felt like I got lost in my own world.
Salagdoong Forest
On the other hand, the Salagdoong Beach is absolutely stunning. Surely not on top of my list, but I like the place, especially because there were very few people during our visit.
Salagdoong Beach
waiting yet again
Despite being underwhelmed, I still find Siquijor a nice place to visit. Siquijor has a quiet charm that is not hard to like. The place is very peaceful, and all you can hear would be the sound of the waves. Lola mode all the way. And you should know how much I love to lola mode. :P

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