Pawikan Power in Apo Island

May 10, 2015

We had a lot of catch ups with Mother Nature on this trip. After the face-to-face encounter with the whale sharks, we met few giant sea turtles in Apo Island. 

When we left Oslob, we went to Dumaguete for food trip and pawikan face-off. We did not stay in Harold's Mansion, but we availed their dive trip err snorkeling tour. They offer diving trips, and people can opt to snorkel. We went at their place early in the morning, and paid P1000/pax. The fee included the transfers, gear rentals, and snacks. It took us about an hour to reach Dauin, and another half an hour boat ride to reach the first diving/snorkeling point. We had at least three spots to explore. 
almost ready
The gear rental was included in the fee, so we were looking like legit divers err snorkelers. :P
looking legit, right? :P
One of the dive masters accompanied us, because we told them that none of us are good swimmers. Well actually, we can't swim. :P Even on the first spot, we already found a giant sea turtle. Yay!!! 
If only I could swim, I would be this close to the wonders of nature. I must learn how to swim, I guess.
I want to be this close.

under the sea
On the second spot, Bren was able to capture awesome shots of the pawikan!
fly high, pawikan!
giant sea turtle
cool shot :P
We were too exhausted to snorkel on the third spot so we decided to just stay in the boat and rest! When they were done, we went back in Dauin and then in Dumaguete. I was a bit hesitant to push through in this activity, because I thought I won't be able to enjoy this. But I enjoyed snorkeling in the Apo Island, and it was a bonus to see giant see turtles. Hopefully, I could be able to swim next time. Motivation!! :P

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