The Charm of Oslob

May 01, 2015

I was a bit anxious on this butanding adventure. Because 1 - I can't swim; 2 - I can't swim. Do I really need to explain why I was anxious? :P

We stayed at BCD Place which is adjacent to the starting point of the whale shark adventure. We paid P1500/room for a night. We woke up early the following day, and went to the briefing area. We paid P500/pax for this, they provided us with the life jacket and the gears. So what did they tell us during the briefing? Well, 1 - We must not use sunblock lotion; 2 - We should maintain a specific distance to the whale sharks; 3 - We must not panic. Okay, I made up the third one. Hehe. :P
briefing area
here we go!
So, we jumped in the water, and found face to face with the gentle giants. We only found two butandings during that time. Only Ara could swim, it was either her or Bren who'd take the butanding photos. 
butanding in action
the gentle giant
We should have been more courageous and should not have worn the life jacket. No photos, but hey memories are way better than anything, right? :P

But I say that it was a bit chaotic. There were many people wanting to see the butandings in action and we were early. We saw more people coming in after we finished the activity. So I understand the concerns of some groups on the butandings, it was looking really stressful for them. 
We decided to explore Tumalog Falls after a quick coffee. We took a habal-habal ride for PhP120/pax two-way. We paid P20/pax for the entrance fee, but walked to the falls instead of getting into another motorcycle ride. 
almost there, Tumalog Falls!
But I found the one, my favorite falls! This falls has a certain charm that I could not resist. :P What a beauty!!!
what a beauty!!!
let's go!
By the way, I busied myself trying to feel the universe around me. It was wonderful. I miss Tumalog!
We left the falls feeling refreshed. The falls took all our troubles away. Nuks! 

Oslob offers more than the excitement and thrill of the whale shark adventure, but also the quiet beauty of the Tumalog Falls. I could definitely stay there all day. Yayy!

*Photos were taken by either Ara, Bren or myself

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