Indochina Travel Expenses

April 04, 2015

Hey, finally. We've come to the last but most important, the itinerary and the expenses. This Indochina adventure would be the longest trip I had in my life, business trip not included. :P I  originally intended this to be a solo trip, but decided to invite my friends. Eyann and Meann joined me on this adventure. We travelled three countries in more than two weeks. We met people, and observed their culture. 

We did a number of things in Vietnam. We visited the tunnels, went to a history walking tour in Ho Chi Minh, enjoyed the sand dunes in Mui Ne, and toured the Mekong Delta. 

We went to Cambodia, stayed in Phnom Penh and saddened by the stories in The Kiling Fields. 

In Siem Reap, we explored the amazing temples in the Angkor complex. 

When we were in Thailand, we did more temple hopping in Bangkok. I beach bummed in Phuket too.

I also did a bit of review on the accommodations where we stayed in for this trip. Hope this helps!

So, let me share you my travel expenses, alright?

I divided the group expenses between Eyann and myself, except for the group expenses in Ho Chi Minh. Without food and shopping expenses for 15 days, I spent PhP 22,205.82. NOT BAD!!

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  1. OMG! Thanks for sharing the breakdown of your expenses. Me and my friends planning to go to Vietnam and Cambodia, but I insist that we should go to Thailand too! :)

    bookmarked and shared this post by you. I will read the rest of your posts about your trip! :) YEY!


    1. Hi Jewel, yay!! Have fun. Saka bongga magshopping sa Thailand. :D


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