Beach Bumming and Misadventures in Phuket

March 24, 2015

I added Phuket on my Indochina itinerary, just because I needed some time for myself. But seriously, I lola mode on my entire Thailand trip! I left my baggage in the hotel, ditched Ayutthaya, shopped and then watched the movie Gone Girl by myself on the day before my flight to Phuket. I read the book during the trip, and was thoroughly impressed on it. The movie did not disappoint as well. And hey, it was my first time to watch a movie by myself. Yay. When the movie ended, I went to the airport and decided to wait for my flight. I did not book in a hostel, but thought of staying in the airport. The flight was scheduled at 7am. Yes, I know, it was a very lousy decision. I was hoping that I could stay at Starbucks to read, but no, the store closed. So I tried to sleep in the waiting area, but it was difficult. Good thing, I did not cry out of frustration. But I would definitely not do that again. 

When I arrived in Phuket, I looked for a van to bring me to Phuket. Phuket is a bit costly compared to Bangkok. I paid B180. When I arrived at the hostel, I immediately went out to find the beach. Nothing astounding, but I have this beach for the next days to enjoy. I did not engage in any activities, but beach bummed the whole time.
There were people parasailing, but since I'm almost broke at this point of the trip, I decided to just watch them. :P People watching is cool too, you know. :P
But of course, I ate a lot too. I scurried to the nearby mall for some cheap stuff, and ice cream. :P Just look at me, I fit in, right? :P
Oh, and by the way, my only adventure in Phuket was finding that massage parlor that people were raving about. You know how bad I was in direction, right? It was funny getting lost, I was using Google maps for crying out loud. It was a bit far from the mall, and then I got lost, and I was using a cheap pair of slippers I bought around the beach area, and so when I found the massage parlor, I had blisters already. What a shame. It was difficult to get lost in Phuket (Thailand in general) because there were still not that adept in English.

I had a whole body massage, and good thing it was worth every baht I paid. And because I didn't want to walk all the way back to the hotel, I decided to hitch in a motorcycle. Sigh. I paid around B50.

I had a grand time beach bumming in Phuket, it was a lazy time for me. Just the rest and relaxation I needed after I went through the tunnels in Vietnam and the temples in Cambodia, right? 

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