Angkor Chronicles: More Temple Hopping, More Fun in Cambodia

February 22, 2015

On our second day, we returned in the Angkor Wat because we were unable to explore it the previous day. Angkor Wat is the highlight of this Angkor adventure; it is huge and breathtaking. 
me and the Angkor Wat
Let's go!
We went inside the Angkor Wat, and explore the place. I could not believe how huge the place is. 
I feel so small.

The place is visually appealing. You could take your photos literally everywhere. Then, we have to climb these steep stairs again. I died a little. 
Not again?!
But you have to do it, the view is absolutely breathtaking. You would see a lot in Angkor Wat, trust me. Pluck up your courage, and do it. :P
the view from top
When we left, it was a mind over matter moment. I had to hold tight, and focus. It was scary  time for a scared cat like myself. But some people make me feel that it is easy peasy, they breeze through it. 

We went to another part of the Angkor Wat, and had this photo taken. It was nothing short of awesome. 
We've decided to leave, and explore the other temples. We went to Preah Khan, which means sacred sword. This was built in the 12th century. The ruins give Preah Khan an added appeal.
Come on, Preah Khan!
Preah Khan

We visited Banteay Srei Temple, the citadel of the women. If you like beautiful carvings, this is the temple for you. This was the farthest temple we visited. There is an added fee for the tuktuk when you visit this. 
Banteay Srei
We moved to East Mebon, this is another temple mountain, and has three levels. We tried to climb the top in order to see the wonderful view, no matter how scared I was. :P
East Mebon

The last temple we visited was the Pre Rup, also a temple mountain. This also has beautiful carvings. So a temple mountain, you know the drill. :P
Pre Rup
the view from the top
We visited quite a number of temples, and immensely enjoyed each of them. Not a history buff anymore, but it is fascinating to visit these places. The Angkor tour was the highlight of my Indochina trip. I had so much fun in our temple hopping. 

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