Walking Tour in Ho Chi Minh

January 10, 2015

We left Mui Ne early morning, and went back to Ho Chi Minh. We did a walking tour in the afternoon of that same day. You have to take extra care on walking around the city, the traffic in Vietnam is notorious. 

We went to War Remnants Museum for our first stop. We paid 15,000 VND for the entrance. The museum exhibts war artifacts. Outside the museum, we saw a lot of military equipments, tanks, and aircrafts.
the tanks at War Remnants Museum
and the aircrafts!
It's a place that will be a constant reminder on how bad war is. We found a lot of stuff in the museum that were both interesting and painful. 
We left the museum, and headed to our next stop, Independence Palace or the Reunification Palace. But it was already closed when we get there, we just asked permission to take our photos and left.
Independence Palace
We proceeded to the Notre Dame Cathedral. We did not go inside though.
Notre Dame Cathedral
We moved to the next stop, the Saigon Central Post Office. I like the architectural design of this one. 
Saigon Central Post Office
here we go!
inside the post office
There is an opera house in Ho Chi Minh, and we went to find it. I was expecting to see something as remarkable as the Sydney Opera House, and even doubted that we were in the right track. But we found the Saigon Opera House, not as grand as the Sydney Opera House, but it is beautiful in its simplicity.
Saigon Opera House
We went pasalubong shopping after the trip to the opera house. This was Meann's last day in Vietnam, so we went to Ben Thanh market. We also stayed at Trung Nguyen Coffee shop because I wanted to try their coffee. It was too strong for my taste. By the way, we found Jollibee during our walking tour. Hihi.
Hello Jollibee!!
Find time in your itinerary to visit these places, it is one way of knowing the history and culture of Vietnam, or any other country you visit. 

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