My 2015 Vision Board

January 16, 2015

I am seriously having a hard time creating a vision board this year. I got a lot of great things last year, and maybe I need to set new targets for myself. Let's see what I've come up for this year. 
My biggest target this year, save! I fixed some things in the past weeks. I created an expenses tracker, and hopefully do the 52-wk challenge. I need to focus on my savings this year, I spent a lot on my travels last year. Since my target this year is to save, I would probably have less travels. As of the moment, I'm only slated to do three major trips. I have a Cebu-Dumaguete-Siquijor this March, Batad on my birthday, and an autumn in South Korea with my friends. I would love to visit these places. 

Despite the saving mode this year, I intend to still do boxing. I need it to keep myself sane. Char. In addition, I would probably get a Kindle Paperwhite this year. I already have a Kindle, but I've been eyeing this one because of the built-in light, it would be better if I could read in the dark. 

I will continue my World Vision sponsorship, I already included this on my expenses tracker. I am also hoping to be able to help in Habitat for Humanity, and participate in many volunteer activities this year.

In my expenses tracker, the dream house has the biggest chunk. We should be able to move in the new house this year, probably late 2015. 

I am in no rush to get another promotion at work, not even in the next few years. But this early, I am seeing some challenges already. I pray to God for strength and patience. I'm pretty sure that I can manage this. Hopefully.

I started this year in a clean slate, and worked on my baggages in 2014. I had my closure, and seriously happy in being single. But I am open to get into a relationship this year. Yung matino na sana, please. :P

Not a very imaginative vision board for this year, but a series of important stuff in my life. I hope I could give a good report at the end of the year. Let's do this, alright? :P

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