Mekong Delta Fun

January 28, 2015

We've decided to stay another day in Vietnam and do a Mekong Delta Tour. Mekong Delta is the rice bowl of Vietnam. I would like to wear the Vietnamese conical hat. :P We told our hostel to book us in a group tour, and we paid US $10/pax. Meann went home in the Philippines by this time. 

We left the hostel early, and went to join the group in the bus. We signed up for a day tour. It took us around 2 hours to reach the port. When we reached the port, Eyann decided to get herself a conical hat. They were selling a lot of stuff in the port. We boarded the ferry with the group, and started our Mekong Delta adventure. 
Mekong Delta tour group
Part of our itinerary was a visit in a bee farm. We were given honey to taste. They sell a lot of bee farm products. 
We rode the sampan boat, and it was the one thing that I was looking forward to. Oh, and they lend us the conical hat. Legit feels, yay!!
Sampan boat ride, let's get it on!!
With Eyann and our conical hats!
Mekong Delta
We went to the candy factory after that fun sampan boat ride. By this time, we met two solo travellers and went with them until the end of our Mekong Delta tour. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a copy of our pictures. The tour guide explained to us the candy making process.
candy factory
candy making
We bought some candies, and gave them to my friends back home. We left the factory and headed to our lunch. The lunch was included in the tour fee, nothing special though. We rode the ferry and went to the community to watch the Vietnamese folk singers. We were served fruits during the performance.
I was able to capture their performance, watch it here. When you visit Vietnam, and you have time to spare, try this Mekong Delta tour. If only for experiencing the sampan boat ride, and the wearing the conical hat, the trip should be worth it. 

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