Exploring Mui Ne, Vietnam

January 03, 2015

On our second day in Vietnam, we've decided to see the white and red sand dunes. Yay. I've never been to Ilocos so this should be my first time to see sand dunes. Haha. I told our hostel to arrange our transportation to Mui Ne. We paid US $18/pax for a roundtrip sleeper bus fare. Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne takes about 5 to 6 hours by bus. I brought Combos for long trips like this one. Haha. 
sleeper bus
Unfortunately, we reached Mui Ne around 3pm, and the group tours already started by this time. We were supposed to get the private tour which would cost us twice the regular rate, but then another group joined us. The regular group tour is US $5/pax, and we paid US $7. Since we started a bit late, we agreed that we would skip the Fairy Stream to cover both the white and red sand dunes. We started the tour in the Mui Ne Fishing Village. 
fishing village
me, myself and I at the fishing village
After a bit of exploring the fishing village, we headed to the white sand dunes. We did not rent sand boards, but we walked barefoot in the sand. Saya!
white sand dunes
first time haha
We spent around an hour in the white sand dunes fooling around and taking photos. Our last stop was the red sand dunes. We were hoping to catch the sunset, and we did!
red sand dunes
Whut am I doing again? :P

It was a right decision to include Mui Ne on our travel itinerary. It would have been better if we were able to visit the Fairy Stream. But I had fun in the sand dunes. There is nothing more enjoyable than walking barefoot in the sand. Yay.

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