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GRADUATE NA AKO!!#capslockparaintense

I graduated on my masters last 26th of April. I had no plan to attend the ceremony. But got excited the last minute. Hahaha. I searched frantically for a white dress. I had an extra pair of shoes that could go with this event. I told my father about this only a week before the event. 

I took my masters in 2010. I planned to start it the year before but I wasn't so confident during that time. I decided to take it on that year instead, during the time that I was getting restless at work. :P I met a lot of people, and enjoyed their company. I only get to eat at the Maginhawa area with them. :P

We had bowling during our acquaintance party, or a Coke party. :P

We participated in the lantern parade. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the actual parade.
I went to Nueva Ecija with my groupmates for one school work. It was always fun being with them.

I moved to a project on night shift, and that started my ordeal. I had to wake up at 3pm so I could come in at my 6pm class. I had to go to Eastwood for work after my classes. It was the same time that I had some trouble at work, and the same time I got into a relationship. It was a very crazy time.

When I moved to my last project in Accenture, it was at the Fort. I got an INC on one of my subjects, because I failed to come in during my final examination. This was the time I enrolled my thesis subject, and took the comprehensive examination. It was a very busy time at work, and I couldn't focus on studying for the exam, I wasn't able to apply for a leave to review. Luckily, I passed the compre. Thanks to the reviewers that they let me borrowed. I passed the compre, but I couldn't finish my thesis; and they graduated in 2013. I moved to another company, and spent the remaining semester finishing my thesis.

Finally, on the 26th, I graduated.

Tina and Tin went to our graduation. They graduated the previous year. We had dinner at Maginhawa on the same day with my other classmates. :)

Finally. Some things are really worth waiting (and working hard) for. :P

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Okay, my boss told me that he recommended me for promotion last February. It was funny because the first time he talked to me, I thought he didn't recommend me. But we didn't finish the discussion, and scheduled another one, and that was the time that he told me that he did. It made me happy. But I dislike disappointment. I feel that the negative vibes I had the previous weeks were due to this waiting game. It was only early this week when he told me that I got the promotion. I am seriously happy. But let's not talk about the pay increase, it's a meh. :P

The last time I got a promotion, it was in 2011. It was the same time that I had my certification. I got it only one fiscal year on my career level then. Feeling ko tuloy, ang galing-galing ko. Lols. I know, I'm not that good. I could still learn a lot of things. But I'm always willing to learn. I do not compete with anyone, I just make sure that I meet the expectations I have for myself. So each time, I get my target, it always makes me happy. I just hope that the people around me could be sincerely happy for me too.
The boss has so much expectations from me. Hopefully, I'd do well. But I've been slacking a lot lately. :P

AND I promised myself that I will sponsor another kid in World Vision once I get the promotion. So come July, I'm getting another kid. :) 

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Heyah, Boracay! I was in Boracay last April with my cousins and the kiddos, my second Boracay trip for the year! My cousin, Ate Joy, was here in the Philippines for a short vacation and she wanted to bring the kids in Boracay. Her treat. :P We decided to take the ferry at the Batangas port going to Caticlan leaving at Thursday night. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to file a leave for that Friday. I booked via Cebu Pacific instead for a late Friday afternoon flight. But it got delayed for 2 hours!! I reached Kalibo at around 8pm. I was able to catch a van and boat, and reached the island at around 10pm. We had a very quick dinner, and rested for the night. 
Heyah, Boracay!
Lumot everywhere!!
my cousins and the kiddos
We decided to do an island tour, and let the kids snorkel too. I was excited to go back at the Puka Beach, unfortunately the waves were crazy and we weren't able to. We went to the Boracay West Cove instead for photo ops while the kids were playing around. :P
ready for the island tour
 The place is seriously picturesque. Just look at the photos below. :P

We went to a different spot so the kids could snorkel. Or rather, tried to snorkel. :P
Err, they tried to snorkel.
I was busy getting a good shot of myself at the boat. It was hard doing it standing up. My knees were wobbly. I tried sitting down instead. Mga trip ko sa buhay. :P

We just took our lunch, and went back at the drop-off point. This started our beach bumming days. :P 
The kids love Boracay!
I love Boracay, too!
We were supposed to get free hair braid on the Lifestyle network event, but we got there a little late. Sayang.
We took photos of the sunset before dinner, and this was one of my favorites. 
sunset is always beautiful
Later that night, we left the kids, and went to Pat's Creek Bar for a drink, and good music. The following morning, we played with the kids while Ate Joy did her pasalubong shopping.

By lunch, we were looking for a place to eat when the staff of Crown Regency approached and gave us a tour. This is the one with the wave pool, the Wave Rider. If only for this, I would likely stay here, but it was too far from the beach. We left after few minutes, and took our lunch.
We had few more hours at the beach, and decided to leave at 5pm. Our flight was scheduled at 4am. Unfortunately, it got delayed again. When we arrived at the airport, there was a notice which said that our flight will be delayed for 2.5hrs. We didn't receive communication via text, or email. At around 4am, they decided to transfer us to an Air Asia flight. Unfortunately, it would still leave at 6am. I had no time to rest before going to work. It was a crazy day. 

But I will never get tired of the beach. :P


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