Oh, Genting, Why So Cold?

March 29, 2014 Tsina 0 Comments

Oh, Genting, why so cold? I went back to KL Sentral, and bought my tickets going to Genting. I paid RM 10.30 for the bus and the cable car ride. 
cable car, baby!
I shared the cable car with this girl who I sat with in the bus. I offered her my Kitkat. During the cable car ride, she asked me if I was married, because she got married six months prior. She was going to visit her husband who works in Genting. We talked about working abroad; and she told me that things are different now, she has a husband to consider. But she said, she'd love to visit the Philippines for a vacation. 

When we got to Genting, she said goodbye after giving me instructions on how to reach my hotel. I went to find the First World Hotel which was quite a walk. I booked my accommodation online to avail the online promotion of RM 68 for a standard room, a steal. The reception area is huge, and stunning. The hotel has 6,118 rooms, yeah that huge! 

I could checked in on one of the check in kiosk, but I couldn't remove my passport case, so I opted to be assisted instead. Hihi.
check in kiosks
I proceeded to my room then.The room is small, but clean. I requested a room with view, but couldn't see anything but fog!
I changed, and then left to get my first decent meal of the day. I only had the big chunk of Kitkat all day. Good thing, I brought it with me! It was freaking cold, and I was only wearing a dress. I should have listened to Tatang and brought a sweater. I found some interesting stuff around though, like the miniature Genting.
and this is Genting, people!
I decided to hang out at Starbucks, and bought myself a Kuala Lumpur tumbler. I was hoping to get a free coffee, like in Sydney for the tumbler, but they gave me the Starbucks card instead. I had to register the card to get the coffee. I stayed for a while and checked my social networking accounts, and decided to call it a night.
I woke up early the following morning and headed to McDonalds for my breakfast. I spotted their Hello Kitty happy meal, and decided to get one for myself. Hihi. I explored the place and found really more interesting stuff. 
Genting Tower
Statue of Liberty, Genting version

Since I want interesting stuff, I saw the Ripley's Believe it or Not, and decided to get in. I paid RM 22.
smart enough to wear leggings over my dress now, hehe
the big boxing gloves!
define: torture
the vampire killing kit, ah uh
I was the first visitor that day, so imagined my horror seeing a mummified cat and a wolf girl. Hehe.
mummy returns, cat version
But I sat on the luckiest chair in the world,  I should get even more lucky, mind you. I also saw gold-plated coin covered car.

When I'm done on the exhibit, I went back in my room, took my bath, packed (duh?) and checked out. I googled for another place to visit because my flight going to Johor Bahru was scheduled at 9pm on that day. I found the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms! Aside from the strawberry farm, there are Flower Farm and Mushroom Farm. But I couldn't find a clear direction online, but decided to go. Spontaneous, I know! I took the cable car ride back, and then went to get a cab. Despite the unclear instructions online, it was an easy place to go. I just rode a cab and paid RM 10 and found the place. The cabbie told me that he'd be back after an hour to pick me up (and that was another RM10). But no strawberry in sight!!

I went to the Lavender Garden, but this was the best they've got!
I found the small insect area and the Genting Organic Bean Sprout Plantation alright though.

If not for the mushroom bit, I would have thought that I only wasted my time and effort in going here. I've never seen huge mushrooms in my life!

I thought I needed more than an hour to visit everything, but as it turned out, I completed the tour in less than an hour. It wasn't worth it. But maybe I just came at the wrong time of the year! So I just went back to KL Sentral, and headed at the airport. I claimed my free drink at Starbucks, and waited for my flight. :P


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Batu Caves and the Thaipusam Festival

March 08, 2014 Tsina 1 Comments

I blabbed a lot of times about my first out of the country solo trip on my blog. Malaysia was the lucky pick. :P This was also the first time I went out of the country on my expense. My third out of the country after Singapore, and Australia, both business trips.

When I booked this trip, I only wanted to visit Legoland and the Hello Kitty Town. I booked another plane trip from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru in Air Asia. I was supposed to stay for two days in Johor Bahru so I could have enough time to visit them both. But I found out that I could also visit Genting and ride in the cable car. I want the cable car ride, you know. :P I revised my itinerary, and squeezed in Genting, and removed the Hello Kitty Town. Such a heartbreak to remove the Hello Kitty Town. Good thing, Air Asia re-scheduled my flight, so I was given an option to move my flight. I moved the flight on the night of my second day in Malaysia. I bought my Legoland ticket online, booked my accommodation in First World Hotel at Genting and reserved my accommodation at Johor Bahru via Booking.

With my backpack in tow, I went to the airport on January 16, and waited for my flight. Believe me, I only have my backpack and a small bag with me for this 5-day trip. :P When I arrived at the airport, I paid RM 8 for a bus going to KL Sentral. I paid RM 4 and rode the KTM Commuter Train to Batu Caves.The Batu Caves was the first on my list on this trip. It was the day before the Thaipusam festival, a day of thanksgiving for the Hindu to Lord Murugan. There were lots of people trooping the Batu Caves. A 140-ft high statue of Murugan is standing prominently outside the Batu Caves. I debated on going to the 272 steps, but decided to go for it nonetheless. 
Batu Caves
272 steps
Imagine my dismay when I realized there are few more steps to reach the worship area. Kaya paaa!
inside the Batu Caves
There were lots of people attracted to the monkeys. Oh yeah, did I say there were monkeys too? :P

I went to the have a look on the worship site, and a man put an ash on my forehead.This was the closest I've ever been into different culture.
I decided to leave; and took this photo from atop.
Aside from the monkeys, there were lots of birds in Batu Caves; and one could see the locals feed them. Do tell me this one's an awesome photo. :P
I was lucky to visit the Batu Caves the day before the Thaipusam festival, I got a glimpse of their culture. On the train back to KL Sentral, I had a chat with a woman, who works in Motorola, and told me that their family walked the night before from KL Sentral to Batu Caves for this Thaipusam. Batu Caves is 14km from KL Sentral (according to Google). I am wowed by their devotion.


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March 06, 2014 Tsina 0 Comments

There are mornings that are most difficult. You drag yourself up, convincing that it's another great day, but finding the words hollow.

There are mornings when you have to believe them, but you don't even know how to believe in yourself anymore.

There are mornings when you feel like giving up but you have to get up and move forward in the game. 

You have to get up before it catches you unaware, and lose.


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)