What If

February 23, 2014 Tsina 0 Comments

What if I don't believe in you anymore? What if your existence frightens me as much as your non-existence does? Ah, good heavens, what if?


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Beach Bumming and Boracay Bucket

February 17, 2014 Tsina 0 Comments

We only did paraw sailing, and beach bummed a lot. I mean, a lot. :P We went to the Real Coffee and Tea Cafe on our third day. But I did not order the calamansi muffin, I digged in the brownies. 
Then, we went to Station 1, and went looking for a good place to beach bum. Hehe. We found the perfect place near Jony's beach resort. Yey. So we stayed there for hours; and only went for quick dip on the beach for few times. Ang saya lang mag-beach bum. :P

So basically spent our third day beach bumming, and nothing more. Now, I don't have a story to tell. Lols. But we've discovered this sorta new place in Boracay called the Boracay Bucket. We were looking for a place to try, and found this on Instagram.  

Boracay Bucket offers cocktails in a bucket. I find the place very interesting. We ordered our buckets, and sat on the floor. They have this table where guests could play snakes and ladders. Hehe. Hopefully, the business will pick up soon, as we were the only guests that night. 

So after we had our buckets, we went back to La Carmela, and rest. We had to leave early for our flight. I rushed to our reunion when we get back in Manila. :P But awesome laid-back vacation we had in Boracay, my kind of thing. :P 


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February 12, 2014 Tsina 0 Comments

Sinisilip kita paminsan-minsan. Pilit tinatanaw ang iyong mga ngiti. Inaaninag ang kubling pag-uulayaw ng mga ulap. Ngunit, di abot ng liwanag ang kislap ng iyong mata. Hindi talaga magkasing-ningas ang ating mga ningning.


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Boracay Paraw Sailing FTW

February 09, 2014 Tsina 1 Comments

Beach bumming is my favorite in the world. :P So, I only really planned to beach bum on our Boracay trip. On our second day, we decided to go walking in that fine sand from La Carmela to Station 1. Hehe. :P Plus of course, photo op on the side. Who could resist taking pictures on this wonderful place? Not us. :P

We wanted to try the parasailing, but it was expensive and pegged at P1500. They said that they fixed the price at P1500, so no matter who we ask, we won't be able to get a discount. We opted to try the paraw sailing. Another kuya approached us, and offered paraw sailing. We said yes to his offer of P2300 for the three of us. There was an option to pay P300/pax if we sail with other groups. We agreed to do the paraw sailing at 10am, so by that time, we still had an hour to roam around.
We headed to the grotto,and erhm, more photo ops in the big rocks. :P We went to Jonah's while waiting for Kuya; and I tried the Banana Choco Peanut, and liked it.
tagilid-genic :P
Kuya called me, and we were told to meet him for the paraw sailing. Paraw sailing should be the lazy and relaxing way to sail Boracay.. hmm, that's what we thought. :P

Regina sat on one  of the outriggers with Kuya, while I sat with Erlie on the other side.  We were with three Kuyas to help us on this paraw sailing. One kuya was constantly adjusting the sail, the other Kuya was steering the boat, while another one was taking our photos. Hahahahahaha. You know, life is fair. :P I find the kuya steerer very admirable. He looks young, and yet he could control the paraw. Yey to the control freaks in the world. :P
ready for paraw sailing with Erlie
We thought we'd have a relaxing trip, but we had an exhilarating experience. But no, I'm not complaining. This was one of my best experiences in Boracay. :) The waves were crazy that day. Like freaking crazy. Felt like surfing with the waves again. :P I brought my then new mobile phone, and got scared that it might get wet. Good thing, the cheap waterproof case we bought did its job. 

So, one moment we were just sitting there, and trying to admire the view; and then the waves tried to knock us down. Then, we had a calm before another storm; and the waves got mightily crazy again. Then, it was calm again. :P

and then the waves hit us
smiling again, all is well
But, no!
cray-cray again
We had those bipolar moments for three hours! But I love this sort of things. :P But maybe next time, I could paraw sail at sunset. :P Still, I love the thrill and excitement that this activity gave me, FTW baby! :) Make sure to try this activity when you go to Boracay, okay? :)


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Box Box Baby

February 02, 2014 Tsina 1 Comments

Heyah! Guess who's boxing again? :P Me!! Friday is boxing day, para di obvious na walang social life. :P 

I tried boxing last year at Gerry Pe├▒alosa Gym at Eastwood. I bought a pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps in Amazon, and my friend brought it back here in Manila for me. Unfortunately, I quit boxing after the third (or the second?) session. But I've been getting restless lately; I thought that I need a hobby to take my mind off things. I thought of yoga, but I found it very expensive. I might not be able to finance my travels if I get into an expensive hobby. Then, there is badminton. I could join my office friends on their badminton nights, but then, I want a hobby that I could do alone, if the situation calls for it. Finally, I remember that I do have a pair of boxing gloves; I could try boxing again. I told my friend Tin about it, and she told me that she'd love to box again. Apparently, she is a member of Empire Boxing which is a stone's throw away from our office. I also told my other friend, Izel, on one of our conversations about this plan. She was interested to join too. We were supposed to get the membership promotion of P1200 annual fee with four free sessions. But fortunately, I saw a groupon for P140 per boxing session. We bought 12 sessions. :P They do not require that we sign up for membership to use the voucher, but we do have an option to pay only P800 for the annual membership fee with two free boxing sessions. Maybe, after we've used up all the 12 sessions. :P
from their Facebook page
We had our first session two weeks back, and I got scared that my body will not be up for it. But the first session proved to be very enjoyable. I had a go with the jumping rope first, and then we did a lot of exercise routines. I also try the speed ball, which I am not very fond of since I hardly hit it properly. Hehe. I had a go with the punch bag on my second session. But I prefer and love the most is the sorta sparing with my boxing trainer. He usually use the hook and jab pads on our sparing. My boxing trainer is very patient; sometimes, I feel that he is pushing me to try on my limits and I'm glad that I got him now that I'm into boxing again. 

We still have 10 more sessions to go; hopefully I'd continue after the 10 sessions. It's fun way to get fit. 
with my boxing buddies


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February 02, 2014 Tsina 0 Comments

I am single. I've been single for more than a year and a half already. People always tease me on my relationship status. Most of the time, it's fine. But sometimes, it makes me feel less of myself. These people have no idea on what I went through just to get out of that relationship.

Someone once teased me that nobody will take care of me if I get sick. The same person hinted during a bet that I could also get a ticket for two on a certain destination, just bring my mother to use the other ticket. They would pair me on any single guy around. But the worst ever is pairing me to unavailable guys; calling me abangers and the sort. It might be a funny joke. I laughed. But I didn't find it funny. I am never confrontational.  

Of course, I miss being with someone. I miss having someone that I could tell stuff after a very tiring day. I miss surprises. I miss getting love letters. I miss going out on weekends. Whenever I feel like crying, or whenever I achieve something, I miss having that constant someone who I could divulge anything about myself and would still love me and will always be proud of me.

But since my last break up, I've done a lot of things in my life. I finished my masters. I moved to another company. I've been going to wonderful places. I am sponsoring a kid in World Vision. I am starting a healthy lifestyle. I'm achieving my dreams one after the other. But apparently, these are not enough. It's always my relationship status that people notice.

People badger me into getting into a relationship. But I don't think I could walk into someone, and tell him that I like him (almost). There are certain things that I choose not to do. My worth as a woman does not depend on having a partner. Sometimes, I am forgetting my strengths because I'd feel small when people look down on me. I am okay to be single, if only I don't have to settle on just anybody. It's okay to be single. But it's not okay to make people feel that they won't be complete without that special someone. Maybe, just maybe.. some people are meant to be single forever.

Or maybe God is still prepping him up for me.


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It's the First of the Year in Boracay

February 01, 2014 Tsina 0 Comments

I had a bet with Don. We always Vibered each other even though I left the project for more than two years already. We always kinda plan to go someplace. But it almost always gets cancelled. Regina, Jayce, Erlie and I decided to go to Boracay on the first day of the year. I would have wanted to go on the 31st for the countdown party, but I doubt if we would all be allowed. So the Boracay trip should push through, else I'll be the one to pay the Vikings dinner for five when he gets back from the US. 

I booked this trip via Air Asia Go which includes the plane tickets and the accommodation, for P5655/pax. A steal, I know. :P Unfortunately, Jayce's dad got sick, so this became an all-girls trip. No, I am not sure who won the bet. I am careful not to remind Don. :D

We paid the usual Boracay fees - PhP 250 for the van from Kalibo airport and boat, P100 for the terminal fee, and P75 for the environmental and admission fee. We arrived at Boracay late afternoon, and decided to checked in at La Carmela de Boracay before getting our early dinner. The room in the hotel is small, but it was comfy enough for the three of us. 
On our way to our dinner, we decided to have our photo taken on this Boracay sand formation. Hihi. We couldn't decide where to eat so we decided to get fries at McDonald's first. Hehe.
We decided to drink on our first night in Boracay. Hihi. Numa-night life. :P We went to the Hookah Bar, if only for the comfy seats. The main attraction on that night was the series of fire dancing.

I am not much of a fire dancing fan, and would have loved to stay in a quiet place with good music. I like conversations. But I love the comfy seat. :P


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