My 2014 Vision Board Report

November 29, 2014

It's a month before the year ends, let's check my vision board, shall we? I created this vision board last January, and I must say that I did a pretty good job this year. :P

I was able visit few places this year, and see lots of wonderful things. I went to Malaysia in January, and capture the grandiose of the Petronas Towers. I suggest you visit the SkyBar at the L33 of the Traders Hotel for the amazing view of the towers. Look at this!
I had my birthday trip in Hong Kong, and met the favorite couple in town. Plus Tinker Bell!! I had a pretty good time on my Indochina trip, visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Awesome time. Wait for my stories, alright? :P

My old and dependable laptop retired, and I bought an Air. I've been wanting an Air in ages. It's light, I could pack it on my favorite tote. Hihi. Of course, I bought the Air as a reward for my promotion and graduation. Sweet. 

I have not had time to get lessons on surfing, or driving, or swimming. But I cook now, just the easy ones though. I still box with my friends too. Yay! I still don't have a constant travel buddy, but I went on my trips this year with my friends. Not bad, right?

I sponsored another kid on World Vision, the first one graduated last April. They gave me another girl to sponsor, and then I signed up for another one last month. Just the best way I know I could help. You too can help, sign up on this link. Payment instructions to automatically debit it on your BPI account is on this link.

This looks like a pretty awesome year, and I still have a month to go! I still have to pass the Test Manager certification exam, which I am too lazy to review for. Pray for me, okay? But good stuff this year. #happykid

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