My Birthday at Ocean Park Hong Kong

October 04, 2014

I celebrated my 29th birthday at Ocean Park in Hong Kong. I intended to celebrate it in Disneyland, but since it was Sunday, and there might be unimaginable number of people, we opted in Ocean Park. We checked the show schedules first, and went to the Giant Panda Adventure. 
Giant Panda Adventure
Look at that panda!
selfie with the panda hihi
Found this panda greeting the birthday girl, hihi.
the panda and the birthday girl
We proceeded to watch the aerial show, Emperors of the Sky. The show is about conservation of the environment, specifically the forest. 
Emperors of the Sky
When the show ended, we went to The Secret Lives of the Seahorses. We found different types of seahorses, and this Save the Seahorse game for the kids. Hihi.
kids busy on the Save the Seahorse game
We walked around the place, and rode the carousel. Feeling like a kid all over again. Kebs na kung naka-dress ako. :P
carousel #love
We proceeded on the second show for that day, Sea Lion Fun Time Show. We watched this at the Whiskers Theatre. The show is about the day in the life of a sea lion. Galing nito, promise!
We boarded the cable car to get on the Summit side. We visited the penguins. I had a photo op with this one outside too. Hihi. :P
I've grown to love penguins. 
We went to Ocean Theatre to watch the Ocean Wonders show, which is about protecting the oceans. This is one amazing show. This is a must-see show. 
We visited the Ocean Park tower right after the show, and took these photos from the top. The view from the top is almost always wonderful. :P
view from the Ocean Park tower
We moved back at the Waterfront area and paid the Grand Aquarium a visit. We lined up for few minutes, and we were able to see an array of marine life. 

We decided to leave after the Grand Aquarium, and boarded the bus back to our hostel. Not a bad birthday, right? :P Especially because Jelai surprised me with a birthday cake. Definitely not a bad birthday celebration. 
Ocean Park birthday :P

*Photo Credits: Tsina and Jelai

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