At the Happiest Place in Hong Kong

October 31, 2014

One of the highlights on my birthday trip in June was the visit to Disneyland. It was my first time to visit the said theme park. We took the train from the MTR Tung Chung line to Sunny Bay station, and then to the Disneyland Resort Station. The Mickey Mouse-inspired shuttle is love. 
When we reached Disneyland, we spent the next few minutes taking photos. More like capturing memories, hahahahaha! :P
Heyy, let's go Disneyland!
We lined up for an hour for a photo opportunity with the favourite couple in town, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I find these photos funny, third party ang peg. :P
sorry, Minnie, he's mine for now :P
Minnie: Whut?!
We started exploring the theme park, and headed to the Adventure Land to watch Festival of the Lion King. I have not watched the movie yet, maybe I should catch up with Lion King?  Hakuna Matata!
Hakuna Matata!
We went to explore the Tarzan's Treehouse after the show. The treehouse is interesting, we found Tarzan and Jane on one of the rooms, and some cooking utensils and scientific equipments too.
Tarzan's Treehouse
At the Grizzly Gulch, we saw the runaway mine cars, but did not board it. Just a quick photo, and then we left.
at the Grizzly Gulch
We found the Mystic Manor at the Mystic Point. Looks grandiose from the outside.
the Mystic Manor
Felt teensy weeny at the Toy Land. Andy's world. This should be one of my favourite areas, brings us back to our childhood.
at Andy's world
Hey, Rex!
At the Fantasy Land, we went for the It's a Small World ride. This one features dolls dressed as the children of the world.
It's a Small World
We watched Mickey's Philhar Magic, also in the Fantasy Land. We headed towards the Fantasy Garden for photo opportunity with the Disney characters. So much fun! We had photos with Pooh, Pluto and Goofy. They were very playful, and full of energy.
Pooh magic
ang cute namin, hahahahaha
We waited the Fantasy Parade at the Tomorrow Land. It was fun to watch the Disney characters.

Isdachu, Piglet? :P
Disney princesses
the kids must be the happiest
Tinker Bell
We sought to find Tinker Bell after the parade. I like her, I watched Peter Pan growing up, and I love her a lot. 
face to face with Tink
We went our way to watch Golden Mickeys, totally enjoyable. It is a stage musical, in awards ceremony style. 
When the show ended, we stayed and waited for the fireworks. The amazing fireworks capped our day at the happiest place in Hong Kong. :P
happy kid
*Photo Credits: Tsina and Jelai

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