Old Photos

September 21, 2014

Some things are bothering me. I feel restless. Today, my Tita posted a photo of us in Facebook. I was a small kid. I reposted it in Instagram. I miss my grandparents. I miss being a kid. I miss just being a kid. I browsed my old photos on my hard drive. I miss them. I wish we could go back, and pretend we were still little kids, and our parents and grandparents will take care of everything.

My Lolo used to take care of everything, finances included. He worked hard, and built a house for the family. Every Christmas, my Lolo will wait at the terrace for the kids to give them their aguinaldo. When he was gone, I cried a lot. I was in third grade. 
My Lola used to take care of me. She stood by my Lolo's side. She was always quiet.
Inang took care of me, like nobody does. She used to accompany me at school, and took notes for me. She had lots of love to give. But I broke my promise to her.
My father stays with us. He is proud of me, but he never says so. But I'm sure he is. 
My brother always cares for me. He strives hard to be a better person. I wish I could be a better sister.
Sometimes, I miss my mother. She was strong. She is strong. 
These people taught me to be strong. They are my wings. These people taught me to work hard to attain my dreams. Nobody could tell me that I'm undeserving of the things I work hard for. These people love me. I wish I was a kid again; and they will take care of me when things are starting to hurt me. 

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