Lights, Camera and Stars at the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

August 17, 2014

The Cosmic Guesthouse is located near the Avenue of Stars. On our first day, we decided for an afternoon walk. The Avenue of Stars is the Hong Kong version of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. This pays tribute to the people in the Hong Kong film industry. 

The statue of the Hong Kong film awards stands tall at the entrance. 
Welcome to the Avenue of Stars!
This place provides the panoramic view of the city.
panoramic view of the city
The main highlight in the Avenue of Stars would be the handprints of these popular film industry figures. One of these handprints belongs to Bruce Lee. Aside from this, the martial art legend also has a statue in the Avenue of Stars.
the star of Bruce Lee
One of my favourite photos in the Avenue of Stars is the one with the cameraman. Look at my smile. :P
When it started to rain, we decided to stay at Starbucks to kill time. But maybe because I was too tired from the trip that I fell asleep. We were supposed to wait for the Symphony of Lights. But decided that we could see that on the next nights.
On our third night, we went back to the Avenue of Stars and watched the stunning Symphony of Lights. 
*Photo Credits: Tsina and Jelai

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